Open Tournament 2022

Round 1

Please see the draw below. Contact your opponent to arrange your matches at mutually convenient times

Play the scenario twice, once as each side, recording the banner score for each match

Scenario: 403 Philippi I (42 BC)

Deadline: 15 March 2022

Player 1 G1 G2 POINTS Player 2 G1 G2 POINTS
Rand 8 8 3 gotigerssc 5 4 0
gottoman 8 7 2 alecrespi 2 8 1
azzy 8 8 3 Gileforn 2 5 0
BrentS 8 8 3 stephent 2 4 0
Polonus100 7 6 0 DanieleC 8 8 3
Bangla 8 7 2 Tomek 5 8 1
mk20336 8 8 3 rjorge 7 2 0
Gonzo 8 8 3 scipio1zama 4 4 0
PaulKT 6 2 0 RiverWanderer 8 8 3
Mark-McG 8 8 3 limburger59 5 0 0
GomJabbar 2 6 0 Boredbeyondbelief  8 8 3
Kartigan 8 3 1 EZPickins 6 8 2
rjvonline 8 4 1 Sir Kral 7 8 2
toganalper 8 8 3 Andygor 5 6 0
kwofford 6 5 0 PCScipio42 8 8 3
Cap 8 6 1.5 TTK 6 8 1.5
gheintze 3 5 0 John S 8 8 3
Cavie 6 7 0 Marco 8 8 3
Mad Doc 8 3 1 Javelinthrower 6 8 2
Rabocudonosor 8 3 1.5 DaniloElMystico 3 8 1.5
taliapharaoh     3        

 updated 16/3/22


Player Rnd 1
Mark-McG 3
Rand 3
azzy 3
DanieleC 3
mk20336 3
RiverWanderer 3
Gonzo 3
Boredbeyondbelief  3
toganalper 3
BrentS 3
PCScipio42 3
John S 3
Marco 3
taliapharaoh 3
gottoman 2
Bangla 2
EZPickins 2
Sir Kral 2
Javelinthrower 2
Cap 1.5
TTK 1.5
Rabocudonosor 1.5
DaniloElMystico 1.5
alecrespi 1
rjvonline 1
Tomek 1
Kartigan 1
Mad Doc 1
gotigerssc 0
Gileforn 0
stephent 0
Polonus100 0
PaulKT 0
scipio1zama 0
GomJabbar 0
limburger59 0
Andygor 0
kwofford 0
gheintze 0
Cavie 0
rjorge 0



Round 2

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Mad Doc replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Game 2 403 Philippi I (42 BC)

Siegmund (Republic) 3 banners
Javelintower (Triumvir) 8 banners
Mad Doc replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Game 1 403 Philippi I (42 BC)

Javelintower (Republic) 6 banners
Siegmund (Triumvir) 8 banners
Marco replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago

File Attachment:

File Name: OT221-1.vlog
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File Name: OT221-2.vlog
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Marco (Triumvirat) 8  Cavie (Republic) 6
Marco (Republic) 8  Cavie (Triumvirat) 7

Spent over an hour writing full descriptions of these excellent games, only to have them erased by a "Session Expired" message. Not doing it again. Thanks Cavie and very sorry my descriptions were lost. Scores listed above. 
azzy replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Azzy (Triumvirat) 8- Gilefron (Republic) 2
Azzy (Republic) 8 - Gilefron (Triumvirat) 5Both games were very fast! No reconnaissance. In the first I was lucky with the cubes. And the cards, and the right flank of the Republicans was crushed very quickly. The second game was more interesting and stubborn. There was a very beautiful breakthrough in the center of the cavalari of the Triumvirate. But the cube gods favored me more.
Mark-McG replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
I have a suspicion that Russian players are having trouble getting onto VASSAL. I understand there is a tightening in Russia on foreign source Javascript.

Does anyone have any further information about this?
Mark-McG replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Game 2 403 Philippi I (42 BC)

Mark McG (Republic) 8 banners
limburger59 (Triumvir) 0 banners

Bit of a mauling as Brutus sortied to compensate for the lack of any Right cards.

File Attachment:

File Name: r1g2whole.vlog
File Size:245 KB
Mark-McG replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
I'm going to say that I understand
"When a unit occupies an enemy camp hex at the start of the owning player's turn, remove the camp terrain tile hex and collect one Victory Banner."

to mean that it is the unit that is owned, and therefore the player judges this condition at the start of their turn based on what their units occupy.
Unless I hear a chorus of dissent, please play it that way.
Boredbeyondbelief replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
I parsed the rule the same way that Kartigan did. I think it is the turn of the player who "owns" the unit. From a game standpoint, it would make sense that you would have to survive the enemy trying to retake their camp.

Otherwise, it would probably have been written, "When a unit occupies an enemy camp hex, immediately remove the camp terrain tile hex and collect one Victory Banner."
gottoman replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
Greg O Triumvirate 8 Banners
alecrespi Republican 2 Banners

Hard fighting on the left flank, with the Triumvirate taking both camps there and doing enough damage repulsing the Republican assault on the right to gain the victory.

Greg O Republican 7 Banners
alecrespi Triumvirate 8 Banners

Triumvirate went all in and the left and were initially halted and when the battle seemed to be going towards the Republicans, they made a furious push to gain the victory.
rjvonline replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
You may very well be right (and that would make more sense to me).
Kartigan replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
I thought that "owning player" refers to "the player that own's the unit". So you have to move your unit in, then at the start of your next turn (i.e. your opponent has a turn to respond), you remove the camp if your unit is still there and claim the victory banner.

Am I incorrect in my understanding? The rules from the website are:

"When a unit occupies an enemy camp hex at the start of the owning player's turn, remove the camp terrain tile hex and collect one Victory Banner."

I guess I can see how "owning player's turn" could be read either way. But since the sentence starts out talking about "a unit", then I assumed "owning player" was also referring to that unit.
rjvonline replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
One surprising scenario rule is that a (permanent) banner is earned by the side that occupies an enemy camp hex at the start of the OWNING player’s turn… My experience is usually that (temporary or permanent) banners are scored at the start of the NON-OWNING player’s turn. Carl grabbed such a banner with a sneaky (I.e., well-played) move-fire-move that moved a LI 4 hexes into an empty camp—something that I didn’t anticipate.
Sir Kral replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
rjvonline (R) 4 banners


sir kral (T) 8 banners

A much more tactical game than our first game bloodfest. I had much the better die rolls, with 6 leadership cards! The initial left flank attack went well, but the counterattack rolled it up. However, the smashed light inf managed to escape down the edge of the map. Weakened attacks and counter attacks continued on the left flank and center. A last minute right flank attack was frustrated by a move-fire-move card, and the last Leadership 4 card moved too much.

DanieleC replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
Round 1 - 403 Philippi 1
Game 2

Polonus100 (Triumvirate) 6 banners
DanieleC (Republican) 8 banners

This battle have been fought all on the Republican right flank. No action happened on the left and very little in the centre.
All starts with the Triumvirate force attacking out of the marsh and Antony moving forward to join them.
Cassius is in the middle and feel very uncomfortable.
Thankfully Cassius's troops are able not only to hold the Triumvirate advance but also to kill both leaders. At this point without the leaders support the Triumvirate suffers and slowly fall under the hits of the Republican army. Last actions for the final banners happens in the centre where the two cavalry forces face each other with a favourable outcome of the Republican.

Another very close battle that was mainly decided by the loss of the two Triumvirate right flank leaders.


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File Name: round1vspo...tch.vlog
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BrentS replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
Round 1 - Phillipi I

Game 2

BrentS (Republican) Banners 8

StephenT (Triumvirate) Banners 4

The Triumvirs went for it straight away, advancing their left against the ramparts. They destroyed one unit and battered Cassius' heavies to 1 block, but the counterattack was vicious......the Triumvirs lost two units and Antony (sorry Cleo). Next the Triumvirate advance force pushed for the Republican camps but Cassius hopped onto a medium and countered, killing two more, then killing the Triumvirate heavy with a 4 hit First Strike. One Triumvirate medium got into a camp but Cassius and friends Double Timed and killed him before he could capture it. A Triumvirate cavalry rode down a Republican medium and advanced into the camp but found no protection there. Cassius cut off its retreat path to kill it for the final banner of the game.

All the action happened around the ramparts and camps on the Republican right. Nothing happened on the other flank at all. Cassius was the man in this battle. Involved in every significant action, hopping from depleted unit to unit, he carried the victory himself. Lean and hungry indeed!

I was very lucky here. A leader kill, successful 4 dice kills against several 3 blocks units and a freak 4 dice kill against a full strength heavy with a First Strike. Just one failure and it would have been an entirely different battle. Pretty hard luck for Steve. Thanks for a couple of fun games.

rjvonline replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
rjvonline (T) 8 banners (26 blocks lost)


sir kral (R) 7 banners (31 blocks lost)

I had a pretty decent hand to start (2 double time cards) and so I decided to use my forward left to attack, but got a bit carried away and left opening for Cassius to counter-attack, which we did. Then I foolishly left one of my LI without a retreat path, which killed it. The Republicans were running ahead on that front, but then I played my second double time card to relieve a bit the pressure by attacking the ramparts on my left. The Republicans used CA to move their left flank forward, but that attack failed to kill or even seriously weaken my MI units while my battle back rolls reduced 2 of his MI and his HI to 1 block each, giving me a chance to mop them up with a Leadership card. Sometimes later I played Mounted Charge to catch and kill a 1-block Republican MC with a 1-block MC unit of my own, and I was set to the same to the 1-block HI unit under Cassius for my last banner, but Carl pulled FS and killed my full-strength MC unit ;-( Then he proceeded to kill my 1-block MC unit with a full strength MC of his own. That made it 7-7, but then I played Leadership to move against Cassius and killed the HI for an 8-7 decision. A near run thing!

TTK replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago

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File Name: OT22R1G2.vsav
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File Name: OT22R1G1.vlog
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File Name: OT22R1G2.vlog
File Size:276 KB
Game 1

Cap Triumv 8:6 TTK Repub

Game 2

TTK Triumv 8:6 Cap Repub

both games are without blitzkrieg, a lot of heavy infantry, which fights powerfully from both sides

Cap prefers C&C: Napoleonics and it was hard to play with him. But nice/

EZPickins replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
Game 2

EZPickins (Republican) 8 Banners
Kartigan (Rome) 3 Banners

Josiah opened with an assault on my right flank. Playing Double Time and Line Command he quickly killed three of my units. I counter attacked and cut off and killed his heavy and leader as well as a medium in the marsh. He then shifted come cavalry to the center and went after my infantry behind ramparts. This cost him two medium cavalry. I played Counter Attack and sent medium infantry and cavalry against his line and got my last two kills.

It was a fairly quick game with aggressive play on both sides. I enjoyed playing Josiah he is a tough opponent.

RiverWanderer replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
Game 2

RiverWanderer (Republican) 8 banners
PaulKT (Triumvirate) 2 banners

The Triumvirate took early advantage of Cassius' weak flank whilst attempting to snipe Brutus on the other side. Republican units were starting to weaken, forcing them to tackle the threats head-on.  Dice were favourable, and the despatch of an enemy Heavy Infantry unit was a welcome boost. The Triumvirate now doubled-down with an attack by medium troops, but their dice could not compensate for lack of Leader support. This left several units  in place for a Republican Clash of Shields which proved a turning point in the game. Further Triumvirate attacks failed to breakthrough, dice being mediocre and the rampart proving a good defence for the Republicans.


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File Name: 403match2MvP.vlog
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Boredbeyondbelief replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
Game 1
boredbeyondbelief (Triumvirate) 8 Banners
GomJabbar (Republican) 2 Banners

We rolled off to see who would start as which army. My winning the roll-off 4-1 was a harbinger of the dice luck throughout the game.

The Triumvirate started with a sustained attack on the left flank dealing heavy blows and weakening the Republican’s ability to defend the ramparts on the right. The Republicans soon brought Cassius into play to shore up that side, and his heavy infantry defeated the Triumvirate’s heavy cavalry and forced the unnamed leader to retreat. But Cassius’s supporting units had suffered too many losses and cavalry quickly made work of all his support, leaving Cassius and his heavy infantry the sole defenders of the Republican’s right flank. Brutus, trying to spur on his troops, left the ramparts to bring his forces toward the enemy. This was quickly met by an advance of the Triumvirate’s right flank where the first pilum thrown by the Auxilia hit the heavy troops and took out Brutus. It wasn’t long after that the cavalry and leader-supported troops forced the Republicans to retire from the field.

File Attachment:

File Name: CCA403R1.vlog
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Game 2
GomJabbar (Triumvirate) 6 Banners
boredbeyondbelief (Republican) 8 Banners

This is the second match in our meeting. Overall, luck was a little more balanced in this one (Brad eliminated one of my leaders this time!)Once again, the battle started with an attack of the Republican’s right flank. A big difference here was the Triumvirate didn’t seem to be able to sustain the attack and the Republicans were able to repel and shore up their right flank. Still the Triumvirate’s battling back eliminated a full-strength heavy infantry as well as Cassius! The Triumvirate (line command) followed up with a full-on assault of the Republican ramparts. The ramparts provided enough protection to stop the assault from breaking the line gaining the ramparts. The Republicans (order medium troops) were able to reinforce the ramparts and eliminate an unprotected Triumvirate leader. The fighting continued on the ramparts, with the Triumvirate gaining ground and units eliminated on both sides. A final push by the Republicans enabled them to retake the ramparts and claim the day.

I really enjoyed my games with Brad. The second battle was extremely tense with punishing dice rolls by both sides that made the battle advantage keep swinging back and forth. Either side could have ended as the victor!

File Attachment:

File Name: CCA403v2.vlog
File Size:239 KB
DanieleC replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
DanieleC (Triumvirate) 8
Polonus100 (Republican) 7

A very close match with most of the action taking place on the Republican left, where Brutus, being superior in number, advanced forcing the Triumvirate in a defensive position until when two double time allowed Antony to come in support of Octavian. In the end after a failed attempt of the Triumvirate to capture the right Republican's flank camp, the battle came to a conclusion thanks to a failed attack of the Republican cavalry on a light unit unable to evade. This allowed the Triumvirate to march to the rampart on their right claiming the last banner.

Thanks to Polonus100 for this great match. Looking forward to the rematch.


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File Name: round1vspo...100.vlog
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File Name: round1vspo...100.vlog
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toganalper replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
Game 1
Togan Alper (Triumvitare) = 8 banners won
Andygor (REpublican) =5 banners won

All action  only on the Triumvitares left flank

Game 2

Togan Alper (REpublican) = 8 banners won
Andygor (Triumvitare) =  6 banners won

Very similar action all on the triumvitares left. The REpublicans were very lucky to kill the Trıumvitares central ldr just at the right time to win the game.

Thanks to Andygor for 2 fun games. This time the dice gods were on my side.

toganalper 3 points : andygor 0 points

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File Name: Toganandygame1.vlog
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File Name: Toganandygame2.vlog
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RiverWanderer replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
Game 1

PaulKT (Republican) 6 banners
RiverWanderer (Triumvirate) 8 banners

The Triumvirate's supposed out-flanking position soon looked more of a disadvantage than history suggested but in the end, after some desperate close combat, the result was more or less even. Meanwhile, the Republicans pressed forward from the ramparts on the opposite flank, a follow-up attack despatching Octavian to put themselves within sight of victory. However, a Triumvirate calvary charge tipped the balance again and a last ditch Double Time gave them a strong attack on the Republican's weakened centre to claim the winning banner. If the Republican's First Strike had arrived earlier in the game, it might have been a different story.


File Attachment:

File Name: 403match1PvM.vlog
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Rand replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
GoTigerSSC vs. Rand
GoTigerSSC – Republicans - 4 Banners
Rand – Triumvirate - 8 Banners

The Triumvirate reorganize their calvary and send them up the middle, where the game becomes a race of whether the Republicans can destroy the overextended Triumvirate Left flank before the latter’s calvary can destroy the Republican center.
As the Republicans try to overwhelm their opponents on the hills near the Republican encampments, the Triumvirate forces get lucky with a First Strike destroying a Medium Infantry on a single roll, and on their next turn cut down Cassius. The Triumvirate then run out of Left flank cards, leaving units there to be slowly whittled down. However, the Triumvirate calvary breaches the ramparts in the center with a +1 Calvary Charge and chase down two Republican Medium Infantry in the center of the battlefield. The Republicans counter with Clash of Shields that causes numerous casualties throughout the battlefield. The Triumvirate Calvary then cut down two infantry units and overrun into the Republican calvary that are destroyed on the edge of the battlefield. One Triumvirate calvary captures a Republican encampment, ending the game on the next turn.

Good game, couple tough dice rolls for GoTigerSSC that would have changed things, plus the untimely death of Cassius. Good luck to GoTigerSSC in the rest of the tournament. 

File Attachment:

File Name: GoTigerSSC...1G2.vlog
File Size:237 KB
Bangla replied the topic:
1 year 9 months ago
Game 1
Bangla (Republican) 8 banners
Tomek (Triumvirates) 5 banners

Game 2
Tomek (Republican) 8 banners
Bangla (Triumvirates) 7 banners

These two games were the 5th and 6th games Tomek and I have played in OTs in the past 6 months.  We played each other in Round 5 of OT2021, and then immediately afterwards in the Quarter Finals.  Including these two matches, we have a 3-3 record, and I'm just ahead 39-36 on banners.  All 6 games have been a joy to play, keenly contested, and without a glitch in any of the proceedings.  For these two games, in the first my dice were awesome and there was little Tomek could do.  The second looked like Tomek was going to win by at least three banners until a late counter attack threatened his camp and almost stole the game.  Two more good games ... I hope we're both still around and meet again in the knockout stages.