OT2020 Semi-Finals

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OT 2020 Semi-Finals


Player 1 Game 1 banners Game 2 banners TOTAL Player 2 Game 1 banners Game 2 banners TOTAL Finalist
mk20336  4  6 10 Mark-McG  6  5 11  Mark-McG
g1ul10  6  6 12 TTK  2  2 4  g1ul10
Scenario: AC19 Muthul (108 BC)          

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Game 1

Player 1 (Side): # banners

Player 2 (Side): # banners

Short synopsis of game

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Game 2

Player 1 (Side): # banners

Player 2 (Side): # banners

Short synopsis of game

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mk20336's Avatar
mk20336 replied the topic: #3623 3 months 3 weeks ago

TTK wrote: Mark, congrats!
Mikhal, rot front! May be coordinate games for 3th place?

Why not, may be fun!
TTK's Avatar
TTK replied the topic: #3622 3 months 3 weeks ago
Mark, congrats!

you did hard work

please, inform about date/time Final games
just intresting for me

Mikhal, rot front! May be coordinate games for 3th place?

P.S. In yours 2nd game didn't Resuffel after Spartacus. So nearvy SF...
Mark-McG's Avatar
Mark-McG replied the topic: #3621 3 months 3 weeks ago
Semi-Final 2

MichalK (Romans): 6
Mark McG (Numidians):5

Another desperate scramble in the desert, with the elephants playing hide and seek with the Roman bowmen. I didn't really have the cards for the cavalry or elephants, but had some good cards for light missile troops, and they did some good work early in the piece claiming one scalp. The 2 armies indulged in a javelin throwing exchange for a few rounds, and then push came to shove, and a Spartacus card pushed the Numidians into an assault that cost them 4 banners whilst claiming 3.

Tied a 4-4, it was make or break, and Jughurtha led the Auxilliaries in a Double time that claimed the vital 5th banner, but couldn't win the scenario, and the Romans with Metallus cleaned up for the win. Big thanks to Bomilcar who sat and watched...

File Attachment:

File Name: SF2.vlog
TTK's Avatar
TTK replied the topic: #3620 3 months 3 weeks ago
Hi. Hello. Bibamus.

It was a great thrashing from Giuliano
Especially the first game showed me how to beat Rome without deviating from the defensive plan...

Lots of emotions. I admit that I learned a lesson in the first game. As well as to remove a fish and not to fuck up a dick...

I don't know how to say it in English...

I believe that the following games are necessary.

In St. Petersburg on October 04, I will hold an off-line tournament and the guys will fry each other for nothing... until the first bloodletting...
g1ul10's Avatar
g1ul10 replied the topic: #3618 3 months 4 weeks ago
Game 2

TTK (Numidian) 2 banners
Giulio (Romans) 6 banners

The initial archery exchange is largely irrelevant, for both sides. The Numidian start strong eliminating a Roman light on the right, but losing a medium cavalry in the counterattack. Then Yell (TTK) begins a long term maneuver moving the elephants and his left forces toward the center, probably to form a more compact defense line. I did not have the cards to contrast it, so the maneuver achieved its result. This however allowed me to advance my units on the left essentially unchallenged. At this point, the Numidian try to probe the resolve of the advancing Roman infantry, but thanks to my clash of shields they lose a medium infantry and a leader (lost in the first one die leader check of the battle). Then Yell decides to launch the elephants in a cavalry charge. The timing is perfect and at first, they perform well, eliminating one medium unit (thanks to a rampage) and reducing a second to one block. But the next turn, the beasts are transformed into pincushions by an order light troops, as I roll 3 red squares on four ranged dice. This pretty much settles the scenario. I had very good cards (first strike, clash of shields, and two command line) and lucky rolls. Given his situation after the first game, Yell had to play aggressive as he did, which is always a gamble.

Thanks to TTK for his competence and sportsmanship. I'm looking forward to playing with him again in future battles.

File Attachment:

File Name: AC19Muthal...k_2.vlog
g1ul10's Avatar
g1ul10 replied the topic: #3616 4 months 1 day ago
Game 1
Giulio (Numidian) 6 banners
TTK (Romans) 2 banners

The initial exchange of volleys favors the Numidian that thanks to a Darken the Sky eliminate a Roman aux and weaken a second. Then a lucky combined armed attack of inf+cav on the Roman right flank gives the Numidian another two banners. The heavy Roman infantry on the left engages a reduced enemy aux but fails to eliminate it. With another very lucky combined armed attack inf+elephants the Numidian eliminate the heavy Roman on the left and the attached leader, even if they lose an aux and an elephant in the process (the fuse of the elephant failed to ignite...). Another Roman aux is lost on the right flank in the always perilous enterprise of taking the hills, for the final Numidian victory.

Nice battle. TTK fought bravely despite the early loss of a leader. It remains to see what the Romans are able to do in the rematch...

At first I forgot to start the log file so the first couple of turns is missing.

File Attachment:

File Name: AC19Muthal...k_1.vlog
Mark-McG's Avatar
Mark-McG replied the topic: #3610 4 months 6 days ago
Game 1
MichalK (Numidian) 4 banners
Mark McG (Romans) 6 banners

early game was all about the Elephants, and once the initial attempt to shield them was unsuccessful, they advanced up to attack range. Fortunately I had Double Time in hand, and my Med & Heavy infantry could reach out and touch them, which they didn't like. Suddenly I was two banners up, and the main threat was gone.

Less fortunate was the Roman right, which bore the brunt of the Numidian cavalry, and I mishandled this flank to let Michal back into the running. I probably should have gone after Jugurtha immediately rather than letting it fester, but I was concerned about being trapped between his cavalry and infantry. My alternative was to push on on the Roman left, and ultimately this won the match, but the cost of 4 banners might have been too high.

Marius never moved..

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