OT 2020 Round 3

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OT 2020 Round 3

Scenario: JD10 Crannon (322 BC)  modified (get Game Save file)

eadline: 31 May 2020

Player 1 Game 1 Game 2 POINTS Player 2 Game 1 Game 2 POINTS
Michael V 4 3 0 mk20336 7 7 3
azzy 7 7 3 spleen1980 5 3 0
TTK 7 3 1.5 Mark-McG 3 7 1.5
der_mandarin     1 g1ul10     1
gottoman 7 2 1 stormwalker 6 7 2
LeonardoAngelo 3 7 1 Gileforn 7 4 2
taliapharaoh 7 7 3 scipio1zama 5 3 0
Carthage     1 Polonus100     1
Gonzo 7 7 3 PCScipio42 4 2 0
Tomek 5 7 1.5 toganalper 7 5 1.5
soul1st  6 4 0 Stanislav27 7 7 3
Benlore 7 2 1 DigitalDick 6 7 2
Viridovilas 2 7 2 Marco 7 1 1
Lemming100     1 Cavie     1
EZPickins 3 2 0 Andygor 7 7 3
RiverWanderer 7 7 3 kfan 5 5 0


Player Rnd 1 Rnd2 Rnd3
mk20336 3 6 9
azzy 3 6 9
TTK 2 5 6.5
Mark-McG 2 5 6.5
stormwalker 3 4.5 6.5
Michael V 3 6 6
spleen1980 3 6 6
Gileforn 1 4 6
taliapharaoh 3 3 6
Gonzo 0 3 6
der_mandarin 3 4.5 5.5
gottoman 3 4.5 5.5
g1ul10 3 4.5 5.5
LeonardoAngelo 1.5 4.5 5.5
Stanislav27 0 2 5
Tomek 0 3 4.5
toganalper 0 3 4.5
Carthage 3 3 4
Polonus100 3 3 4
DigitalDick 1.5 1.5 3.5
scipio1zama 3 3 3
PCScipio42 0 3 3
Benlore   2 3
Viridovilas 1 1 3
RiverWanderer 0 0 3
Andygor 0 0 3
soul1st  2 2 2
Marco 1 1 2
Lemming100 0 1 2
Cavie 0 1 2
EZPickins 0 0 0
kfan 0 0 0

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Lemming100 replied the topic: #3454 1 year 1 week ago
Game 1
Lemming100 (Macedonian) 7
Cavie (Greek) 5

A long match with an initial Greek Cavalry attack repulsed with the death of Menon and then much long range sniping from Macedonian LB and LS.
A push from the Heavy Macedonian infantry buckled the Greek MH centre but Antiphilus led the counter attack and destroyed three of the Greek heavy units over 2 turns of intense close combat. Eventually Spartacus came to the rescue of the Macedonians, destroying the Greek MH unit and including Antiphilus amongst the casualties.

We have not had time to complete game 2 but hope to do so tomorrow.
stormwalker's Avatar
stormwalker replied the topic: #3449 1 year 1 week ago
Game 2: JD10Crannon (322 BC)

Greg O (Macedonian): 2 banners
stormwalker (Greek): 7 banners

The usual opening cavalry charge gave the Greeks two quick banners. In response the Macedonian army commanded by Antipater pushed in the centre but the Greeks were prepared and resisted. So the Macedonians tried scoring some banners on their right wing. However, their surprising Double Time attack was somehow halted by a single Greek auxiliary unit. At which point the Greeks counter-attacked scoring the final banner.

Many thanks to Greg for playing!

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2020_Rd3..._G2.vlog
gottoman's Avatar
gottoman replied the topic: #3448 1 year 1 week ago
Game 1
Greg O (Greek): #7
stormwalker (Macedonian): #6

Very close and exciting match. Started with a Greek Cav charge on the left gaining two banners with the wounded Thes. cav retreating back to the line. Then the Greeks formed two "circle" formations which pushed towards the right flank, eventually gaining control of the right, and the Macedonians formed on the left. Carnage ensued, and it came down to the last play where the Greeks gained the final banner, but if they failed, the Macedonians would have won instead. As close as they come!
mk20336's Avatar
mk20336 replied the topic: #3447 1 year 1 week ago
Game 1
mk20336 (MichalK) (Greek): #7
MichaelV (Macedonian): #4

Very long and tense game, which saw Greeks (surprisingly!) attacking most of the game. Thessalian cavalry was a key to victory as well as Mounted Charge in first move which gave 3 banners to me (LC, MC and leader).

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2020_R3_g1_log.vlog

Game 2
mk20336 (MichalK) (Macedonian): #7
MichaelV (Greek): #3

Completely different game, mainly played in center and no Thessalians in action. In clash of HI and HI the former were victorious although it could go any way.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2020_R3_g2_log.vlog

Many thanks to MichaelV for the games - especially in those difficult times in US!
der_mandarin's Avatar
der_mandarin replied the topic: #3445 1 year 1 week ago
I was unable to reach g1ul10, unfortunately. Slim chance that my matchup will get played.
Stanislav27's Avatar
Stanislav27 replied the topic: #3444 1 year 2 weeks ago
Stanislav27 (Macedonian): 7
soul1st (Greek): 6

Very tense fight. Commenced with Macedonian cavalry charges that petered out. Greeks fought with skill and imagination, inflicting many losses on the Macedonians, annihlating all three units of Medium Cavalry. However, the Macedonian phalanx proved very strong in the centre (not without suffering casualties however). In the final turn, with the scores 6-5 in Greek favour, the Macedonians killed two units (and captured the Greek camp in the process) to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

soul1st (Macedonian): 4
Stanislav27 (Greek): 7

Another tense, though slightly shorter game.

It commenced with an all-in Greek Thessalian Cavalry charge, which failed to have the desired impact, suffering a surprising amount of casualties. It was now the turn of the Macedonian cavalry to attack on both flanks to good effect. After a few tries, the Greeks finally managed to surround and rout the Macedonian Medium Cavalry on the Macedonian left wing. With the game in the balance, Craterus led a heroic charge on the Macedonian right, but his unit was heavily depleted. The charge failed and both unit and leader perished on the battle-back.

The Greeks then hunted down the final surviving Macedonian cavalry unit, completing the equine rout of the opponent.

The final phase of the game turned into a series of light unit skirmishing and sniping with the Greeks seeking victory before the full weight of the Macedonian phalanx could be brought down upon them. A very unfortunate lack of Centre Cards forced the Macedonians to respond to the Greek light infantry tactics with most of the Heavy Infantry static. As a final act of desperation, the Macedonians sought to screen the most advanced unit of Heavy Infantry, but the medicine turned out to be worse than the ailment. With the screening Light Infantry unable to evade or retreat, Antiphilus seized the moment and personally inspired two of the Greek units to capture the final Victory Banner.

File Attachment:

File Name: soul1stvss...av1.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: soul1stvss...av2.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: soul1stvss...2.1.vlog

Thanks a lot to Twan for two very good and entertaining battles. I thought I was done for on a number of occasions, so it was a close thing throughout!
Gileforn replied the topic: #3443 1 year 2 weeks ago
Game 1

LeonardoAngelo (Macedonian) - 3
Gileforn (Greek) - 7

That was a hard game with destroying of Macedonian cavalry. Rush of the heavy infantry in the center could change the situation, but as a reasult luck was on the Greek side.

Game 1

LeonardoAngelo (Greek) - 7
Gileforn (Macedonian) - 4

This game was also with cavalry rush and destroying. An interesting rush of the Greek hoplites was finished on their right flank with total destroying. On the othe hand cavalry charge have changes a situation and Greek won.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT20R32.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: OT20R3.vlog
Andygor's Avatar
Andygor replied the topic: #3441 1 year 2 weeks ago
Crannon 322BC
EZPickins (Greek) 3 - Andygor (Macedonian) 7

File Attachment:

File Name: EZPickinsv...-28.vlog

EZPickins (Macedonian) 2 - Andygor (Greek) 7

File Attachment:

File Name: EZPickinsv...or2.vlog

I thank my opponent for the game!
RiverWanderer's Avatar
RiverWanderer replied the topic: #3438 1 year 2 weeks ago
Game 1
RiverWanderer (Macedonian): # 7
kfan (Greek): # 5

Thessalian Cavalry was unleashed early with a Mounted Charge, putting the Greeks ahead. Gradually Macedonians worked forward from the flanks, cavalry and light infantry leading the way. Greeks countered against the weakened spearhead, but the Macedonians held long enough for their heavy infantry to deal the final blow.

File Attachment:

File Name: JD10Crannon.vlog

Game 2
kfan (Macedonian): # 5
RiverWanderer (Greek): # 7

A Macedonian steam-roller powered by successive Line Commands threatened to annihilate the Greek centre and take the game. Greeks had a counter-attack and mounted charge in response, powering up their Hoplites and managing to turn back the main assault but leaving the Greek side severely mauled. After a disaster on their left, the Greeks won out with a desperate final attack in the centre against the retreating Macedonians..

File Attachment:

File Name: JD10Crannon2of2.vlog

Noted a mistake in not discounting one XSW from the Thessalian Cavalry, once in each game.

Thanks to David for an enjoyable 3 hours of gaming.
Gonzo's Avatar
Gonzo replied the topic: #3437 1 year 2 weeks ago
Game 1
PCScipio (Greek) 4 banners
Gonzo (Macedonian) 7 banners
Much range fire starting with Macedonians getting the better of it. Greek MC charged up[, killed a LB, but evading a HI went badly with 3 blues rolled. Afew turns later, the other MC attacked to kill a L, but a Double time surrounded it with HI and killed it and Menon, although he went down hard doing 2 hits to 2 different HI using a First Strike. Now Greeks down to one leader so Macedonians attacked where he wasn't and able to slowly pick off units.
Game 2
Gonzo (Greek) 7 banners
PCScipio (Macedonian) 2 banners
Much range striking early with Greeks getting the better dice. Greek MC moved to right flank and Greek line shifted in that direction, abandoning left flank. Macedonian DT crippled a Aux and MH, but strike backs crippled 2 HI, all now at 1 block, though killing one MH. Greek leadership and Cav charges eliminated 3 HI and sent one running, killing Antipater with a 1 dice leader roll. More cav charge and leadership picked off a Aux and L for final banners. Lucky card draws, mostly on left and center. Thanks to Forrest for good match.
spleen1980's Avatar
spleen1980 replied the topic: #3430 1 year 2 weeks ago
I have to say that it was a pleasure to play against Azzy.
Sometimes playing in Vassal feels a little bit impersonal and dry: writing a comment in the vassal chat or just a simple emoticon makes the experience more playful and fun.
We had plenty of occasions to share our reactions about what was happening on the table: bloody dice rolls, bold attacks, tenacious retreats and so on..
RiverWanderer's Avatar
RiverWanderer replied the topic: #3429 1 year 3 weeks ago
Arranging round 3 game - could kfan please respond to my personal message or perhaps someone can help me get in touch with him another way?
Viridovilas's Avatar
Viridovilas replied the topic: #3427 1 year 3 weeks ago
OT 2020 JDCrannon 322 BC - Round 3

Game 1
Viridovilas (Macedonians) 2 - Marco (Greek) 7

Game 2
Marco (Macedonians) 1 – Viridovilas (Greek) 7

Both battles proceeded in quite the same way. The Greek attack was quick and brutal: a successful cavalry charge on the Antiphilus left wing was followed by a fast advance of the Hoplite infantry on the right. Macedonian heavy phalanxes simply proved too slow to counter the Greek movement before the Antipater army collapse. If it was for me and Marc Greece would have been again free from the Macedonian rule!

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2020rnd3...iri.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2020rnd3...iri.vlog
azzy's Avatar
azzy replied the topic: #3418 1 year 3 weeks ago
OT 2020 Round 3
spleen1980 (Macedonians) 5 - azzy (Greek) 7
This is my hardest and most exciting victory. I started classically, attacking cavalry on the left flank! But the attack was not entirely successful, I managed to kill only one LC. With the wounded general, I decided to retreat. Moreover, the cards were mainly on the center. The enemy closed ranks and launched a retaliatory attack with his phalanx. The cavalry held the blow, but retreated. The left flank was crushed and the enemy phalanx went to the center. The center was also crushed. I didnt know what to do. My cards was still not very good. I decided that my only chance was an attack on the right flank, as the enemy generals were on the left flank and in the center. The enemy hoplites did not retreat and battle started. The fight was violent, there were losses on both sides. Menon was broken and run. Score was 5-4. But enemy begane regrouping. It gave me chance. Menon took horse and MC with Goplit broke through the enemy line!!! Victory 5-7. As i said it was very exciting game and my hands shook at the end of the game)) But it is these games that allow you to love wargames.

azzy (Macedonians) 7 - spleen1980 (Greek) 3
this was fast game. I had very good cards and dice love me too. I made line and my phalanx began attack. I had 2 Line Commands, and 2 Double Time. So my phlanx was unstoppable !!

PS. Thx too my opponent for itresting games and conversation.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT31gameco...-18.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: OT32game_2...-18.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: OT31game_2...-18.vlog
DigitalDick replied the topic: #3408 1 year 3 weeks ago

File Attachment:

File Name: JD10Cranno...ev1.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: JD10Cranno...ev1.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: JD10Cranno...ev1.vlog
DigitalDick replied the topic: #3407 1 year 3 weeks ago
OT 2020 JDCrannon 322 BC - Round 3 Game 2
Benlore (Macedonians) 2 - DigitalDick (Greek) 7

Thessalian cavallery countered an attack of macedonian MC on LS that could not evade. Leader died. Then Thessalian cavalery traded for 3 light unites that could noy evade while Macedonian was enabeling their H. Greek had 1 banner left to eardn so they attack on of the Hs' on the edge of the line. Both left with one hit.Greek tried to retreat with it and regroup with the help og their ranged units. Hoplites (full one) tried to chase. The last banner was earned by killing the auxilia that chased that LS from the beggining. Fun game.
Benlore's Avatar
Benlore replied the topic: #3386 1 year 1 month ago
OT 2020 JDCrannon 322 BC - Round 3 Game 1

Benlore (Greeks) 7
DigitalDick (Macedonians) 6

The Macedonian and Greek rivalry is still alive even today….

Greeks started first with a move that left his lights vulnerable to the Macedonian cavalry and lost two banners early. With a cavalry trust on the left flank from the Greeks, two more banners fell on both sides. Don’t forget the Greek cavs can ignore a sword hit.. But the Macedonians were well ahead. A Sparticus move in the middle by the Macedonians left the Greeks reeling.

However, the Greeks managed to regroup and send in their strong Hoplites lead by Antiphilus up the middle. A mounted Charge followed by a few line commands created a deadly mid section assault that shocked the Macedonians. With the Greeks taking two full powered Macedonian Hoplite units in a single hit. With this advantage the Greeks pursued the Macedonians and their leader Antipater off the edge of the map. The Greeks were now ahead but ran out of power with this thrust and the Macedonians came back to level the game with a flurry of light ranged fire and a mid section heavy infantry assault. 6 banners each.

A final desperate do or die depleted left flank Greek cavalry charge landed the 7th banner to Benlore.
taliapharaoh's Avatar
taliapharaoh replied the topic: #3378 1 year 1 month ago
Round 3: Crannon

Travis (Macedonian) 7 banners, Scipio1Zama (Greek) 5 banners

A very aggressive approach by my opponent should have paid more dividends, but the dice favored me in this one. The Thessalian cavalry tried to rush my right, but after some poor rolls, the threat was largely neutralized. The game then became a medley of infantry clashes, where the heavy Macedonian units were able to use their dice advantage accordingly. A very exciting game for sure.

Travis (Greek) 7 banners, Scipio1Zama (Macedonian) 5 banners

Greek ranged marksmanship was excellent early, and kept the Macedonians at bay long enough to allow two consecutive plays of Mounted Charge, which were used to momentarily pierce the center, and then disrupt the Macedonian right. These actions gave the Greeks time to reform their lines and plan their final assault to gain the 7th banner. After some early almost throwaway command cards, the Greek hand was fantastic at the end of the game.

A great revision of the scenario, and always fun to match up against Mike, a fun opponent.
Tomek's Avatar
Tomek replied the topic: #3370 1 year 1 month ago
Game 1
toganalper (Macedonian) - 7
Tomek (Greek) - 5

A funky game with a lot of maneuvering and heaps of arrows flying both directions. At the end the Macedonians won the day.

Tomek (Macedonians) - 7
toganalper (Greek) - 5

The second battle was more streamlined old fashioned hoplite battle decided on the right flank. Despite the overwhelming might of the phalanx it was surprisingly hard victory for Antipater.

File Attachment:

File Name: Macedon1.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: Cranon2.vlog
Benlore's Avatar
Benlore replied the topic: #3361 1 year 1 month ago
Yep I’m ready... PMed you here DD...
Mark-McG's Avatar
Mark-McG replied the topic: #3360 1 year 1 month ago
Game 1
Mark McG (Macedonians): 3
TTK (Greeks): 7

Quite a long match with the Macedonian cavalry charging early and ultimately being unsuccessful, though took a few banners.
The real problem was the failure of the Macedonian phalanx to score any hits in combat. Flags aplenty, but failed to get hits. The Greeks laboured without that problem

File Attachment:

File Name: R3G1.vlog

Game 1
Mark McG (Greeks): 7
TTK (Macedonians): 3

Faster game, with the Thessalonican cavalry charging early and doing a good trade. The Macedonian cavalry was quite hapless, and the majority of the action was on the Greek left. Here the Macedonians pressed quite hard, and a Greek double time had the chance to steal a win, but in the end settled for the tie.

File Attachment:

File Name: R3G2.vlog
Mark-McG's Avatar
Mark-McG replied the topic: #3359 1 year 1 month ago
try Benlore on the Personal messaging system
DigitalDick replied the topic: #3357 1 year 1 month ago
Whos Ben? Is it just a filler?
Mark-McG's Avatar
Mark-McG replied the topic: #3353 1 year 1 month ago
Yes, I modified the scenario a bit
1. Replaced Med Infantry with Med Hoplites
2. Replaced Macedonian Red Cav with Blue
3. Replaced Greek LB with LS
4. Made Victory banners 7 for both
5. Added Greek camp and made it worth a Victory Banner to boost Greek prospects.
Gileforn replied the topic: #3352 1 year 1 month ago
Scenario on the website is a little bit different than in the saved file. We should use rules and info from the saved file, isn’t it?

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