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OT2019 Round 5

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Open Tournament 2019 Round 5

Scenario: 414 Hormuz (226 AD)

Deadline: 31 July 2019


 Player 1   Game 1   Game 2   POINTS   Player 2   Game 1   Game 2   POINTS 
taliapharaoh  6     BrentS  2    
Polonus100       Carthage      
Mark-McG  6  0  1 Gonzo  2  6  2
TTK  6  3  2 Stanislav27  2  6  1
Armada01       g1ul10      
Nemo2333       gottoman      
LeonardoAngelo       Gileforn      
DigitalDick       asqwasqw      
Viridovilas       Tomek      
der_mandarin       Max Bogatov      
RiverWanderer 2 6 2 Baloo 6 0 1
Andygor       mk20336      
EZPickins       Cavie      
toganalper       PCScipio42      
scipio1zama       january31      
soul1st        FoxK      
alecrespi       Михаил      
Mad Doc       BYE      


Please record results in the discussion below in the form;

Game 1

Player 1 (Side): # banners

Player 2 (Side): # banners

Short synopsis of game

Attach the game log. This has to be done from the Discussion thread, not directly below (why I don't know)

Game 2

Player 1 (Side): # banners

Player 2 (Side): # banners

Short synopsis of game

Attach the game log. This has to be done from the Discussion thread, not directly below (why I don't know)

Contact me with any problems, and please setup your 2 matches early. Leaving it to the deadline invites disaster at the hands of the VASSAL server, and there will be no extensions!

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mk20336's Avatar
mk20336 replied the topic: #3094 1 day 15 hours ago

der_mandarin wrote: Is this the final round before playoffs?

Yes, exactly it is!
Mark-McG's Avatar
Mark-McG replied the topic: #3093 2 days 11 hours ago

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2019R5G1.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2019R5G2.vlog

easy to see why the Ancients deck needed to be updated for Medieval
Gonzo replied the topic: #3092 2 days 17 hours ago
Game 1

Player 1 Mark Mcg (Persians): 6 banners

Player 2 Gonzo (Parthian): 2 banners

Parthian missile fire initially kept Persian inf from closing, but when moved closer was smashed by Persian series of 3 cards incl Cav Chrge and ran 5 LBC off board and killed a Parthian HCC. Parthians were able to pick off a MC and HCC of the Persians.

Game 2

Player Mark McG (Parthians): 0 banners

Player 2 Gonzo (Persians): 6 banners
Mirror image of first game. Parthian missile fire reduced 2 Persian MC to 1 point, but they hid while the rest of the cav Mounted Charged with strong follow cards. Final point was from despersation 3 pt LBC on 1 pt HCC which played a First Strike and got him.
We thought there were way too many inf cards in the deck for a Parthian to have much of a chance. I wonder if a "reverse" hoplite rule should be considered.
BrentS replied the topic: #3091 4 days 6 hours ago
Round 5 - Hormuz

Game 2

BrentS (Persian) 6
taliapharoah (Parthia) 4

Having done a bit of Medieval recently I have to say this scenario was very reminiscent of the ones we've played from that game. Persia can't sit back and take the superior ranged attack and has to get forward and force the LBC to open their lines and back to their baseline. I was a bit over-aggressive, though, and it looked like it was all going to fall apart when I had a double helmet kill my right flank leader (in close combat against a LBC....the shame). I was down 4 banners to 1 but pulled out the Mounted Charge I'd been saving all game and trying to get into position to use. Ahuramazda finally showed me his favour and I took 5 banners in the one charge (lots of flags against unsupported LBC when I needed them). Love dramatic comebacks and big finales in Ancients.

Thanks Travis for two very strongly played and enjoyable matches and congratulations on your success across the tie.

Files for both matches attached.
taliapharaoh's Avatar
taliapharaoh replied the topic: #3090 5 days 7 hours ago
Game 1

Travis (Persian): 6 banners

BrentS (Parthian): 2 banners

A game of maneuver and excellent Parthian ranged attacks turned when the dice went the way of the Persian Empire. Moving in on the Parthian right, a MC card and then order four left did most of the damage, surrounding and eliminating the HCC and then cornering some light units. The dice abandoned the Parthians on the counterattack, and the bold Persian advance was able to claim the 5th and 6th banners as a result.

Game 2 coming later this week.....
RiverWanderer's Avatar
RiverWanderer replied the topic: #3089 1 week 10 hours ago
Game 1
RiverWanderer (Parthian): 2
Baloo (Persian): 6

Parthian light cavalry failed to stem a Persian onslaught. On the Parthian left, a counter-attack by their heavy cavalry was fatally weakened by a Persian First Strike and the Parthian light cavalry continued to be pushed back until the weakened units were finally destroyed to complete the Persian victory.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT19-Hormuz.vlog

Game 2
Baloo (Parthian): 0
RiverWanderer (Persian): 6

A similar story to the first match. This time, a strong Persian cavalry formation swept the Parthian right flank before them, reaching the back-line to destroy the remainder, including Artabanus, and cutting into the rear of the Parthian centre to take the victory. Once again, Persian victory was helped by a timely First Strike.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT19-Hormuz2.vlog
RiverWanderer's Avatar
RiverWanderer replied the topic: #3088 1 week 10 hours ago
Please see next post.
TTK replied the topic: #3086 1 week 4 days ago
couple of comics
and the files I have...
Stanislav27's Avatar
Stanislav27 replied the topic: #3085 1 week 5 days ago
Thanks to TTk for two enjoyable games. In the first one, I made a mistake of getting within range of a cataphracted Mounted Charge, which was absolutely devastating. Thought I could salvage something at the end, but the 2-helmet LC kill was a real blow to morale.

Second game (with me as Parthian), I had amazing cards at the beginning and rolled ranged fired like a man possessed! But then I started getting two Line Commands, one Order Medium etc. and nothing for my hard-pressed right flank. TTK blew a hole in my line expertly and the hope for 1.5 or even 2 points disappeared.

There was a slight problem with Vassal where one of TTK's forward moves of his HC was not registered on my screen. Proved pretty crucial at the very end, but that's how it goes (could easily have happened the other way around). C'est la guerre.

Thanks again to Mark for all the work arranging this spectacle. It has been a blast as usual :-)

File Attachment:

File Name: stanvsttk2.vsav

EDIT: Sorry, it seams that my second VASSAL logfile got corrupted when I re-synchronized with TTK to fix the problem with the misplaced unit. The only thing that was saved was the .vsav file before said re-synchronization. I am sorry about this.
TTK replied the topic: #3084 1 week 6 days ago
Game 1

Player TTK (Parth.): # 6 banners & 12 blocks lost

Player Stanislav27 (Pers.): # 2 banners & 19 blocks lost

Short game. Parthian have Cavalry Carge and +4 banners on it. Last trophy was Ardashir (2 helms).

Game 2

Player TTK (Pers.): # 3 banners & 18 blocks lost

Player Stanislav27 (Parth.): # 6 banners & 11 blocks lost

Both sides have not good Orders at the end of game. For last banner 2 parthian's bowmen attack MC without support - and do it!
In start green Order = domination parthian... I was sinking into the ground BC, MC, CHC & Ardashir... But counterattack persian Left almost near ege fild

second log from Stanislav27 (thanks for the games)

and keep wargaming!

File Attachment:

File Name: HormuZZZ.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: Hormuz1.vsav
der_mandarin replied the topic: #3083 2 weeks 2 days ago
Is this the final round before playoffs?

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