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OT2019 Round 2

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OT2019 Round 2

Scenario: 117 Asculum (279 BC)

Deadline: 30 April 2019 
Remember Easter: 18-21 April

Player 1 Game 1 Game 2 POINTS Player 2 Game 1 Game 2 POINTS
BrentS       Carthage      
Gileforn       Maxiaka111      
january31       Nemo2333      
Polonus100 6 6 3 Stanislav27 3 4 0
Tomek 6 2 1.5 TTK 2 6 1.5
taliapharaoh 6 6 3 Starlock 0 2 0
gottoman       EZPickins      
g1ul10       Viridovilas      
asqwasqw 4     Gonzo 6    
toganalper 6 5 1.5 Andygor 5 6 1.5
Armada01 4 6 2 scipio1zama 6 1 1
Baloo       DigitalDick      
der_mandarin 6 2 1.5 mk20336 2 6 1.5
Shiva     Forfeit Mark-McG     3
alecrespi 5     soul1st  6    
Cavie       PCScipio42      
FoxK       LeonardoAngelo      
Max Bogatov 6 6 3 Михаил 4 2 0
Mad Doc 1 1 0 RiverWanderer 6 6 3

Please record results in the discussion below in the form;

Game 1

Player 1 (Side): # banners

Player 2 (Side): # banners

Short synopsis of game

Attach the game log. This has to be done from the Discussion thread, not directly below (why I don't know)

Game 2

Player 1 (Side): # banners

Player 2 (Side): # banners

Short synopsis of game

Attach the game log. This has to be done from the Discussion thread, not directly below (why I don't know)

Contact me with any problems, and please setup your 2 matches early. Leaving it to the deadline invites disaster at the hands of the VASSAL server, and there will be no extensions!


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LeonardoAngelo's Avatar
LeonardoAngelo replied the topic: #2977 13 hours 10 minutes ago
First game. FoxK (Rome) 5- LeonardoAngelo (Epirote) 6, blocks 23-33
Second game - in Sunday
gottoman's Avatar
gottoman replied the topic: #2976 2 days 15 hours ago

Game 1
Greg O Epirote 6 banners
EzPickins Rome 0 banners

Tough game for Rome, the battle took place almost entirely on the right flank where the Epirotes got an early break and rolled forward.

Game 2
EzPickins Epirote 3 banners
Greg O Rome 6 banners

A closer fight, This one played out on both flanks, culminating in an clash on the left with the elephants. Rome managed to hold and push back for the win.
Max Bogatov's Avatar
Max Bogatov replied the topic: #2975 5 days 14 hours ago
Game 1

Max Bogatov (Roman): 6 banners

Михаил (Epirote): 4 banners

Elephant was very strong and and difficalt to kill: Mounted Charge with Med Cav, 4 dice: SWX, SWX, LIT, HEV - no hits to him!

File Attachment:

File Name: Asculum_tu..._G1.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: Asculum_tu..._G2.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: Asculum_tu...G1c.vsav

File Attachment:

File Name: Asculum_tu..._G2.vsav

Game 2

Max Bogatov (Epirote): 6 banners

Михаил (Roman): 2 banners

I was very licky: 1st banner - killed leader, two helmets. 6th banner - killed leader, one helmet.
soul1st's Avatar
soul1st replied the topic: #2973 1 week 1 day ago
Game 1

Player 1 Alessandro Crespi (Roman): 5 banners

Player 2 Twan van Dijk (Epirote): 6 banners

This battle was decided in the last instant. The Epirotes managed to get to a 4 - 1 score after which the Roman heavies destroyed all Epirote heavies and killing a leader, bring the score to 5 -4 for the Romans. The Epirotes then attacked a weakend Roman heavy unit with elephants and destroyed it. The attached leader escaped. The Romans reacted with their lights to attack the elephant which was lucky to escape. With one block left. The epirotes attacked a light unit with a medium unit with leader attached. They rolled two flags and two direct hits. The roman lights could not evade which ended the game with 6 -5 for the epirotes.

It was a close finish in which the Epirotes were lucky.

Added the logfiles and save file but it seems a part is missing
TTK replied the topic: #2971 1 week 2 days ago
Game 2

TTK (epirotes) #6 lost 14 blocks
Tomek (Rome) #2 lost 29 blocks

The pattern of the battle was not fundamentally different from our first game. The Romans tried to play actively flank and light troops. But the phalanx of Pyrrhus managed to catch the cavalry of Rome (on Mounted Charge!) at the "First strike" and destroy it.

Further due to the best management cards of the feast of his heavy troops and elephants managed to get into shooting distance. When "Spartacus" to break the Roman line formation, after which the elephant overturned two troops of the Romans and the cavalry of the Greeks was cut, pressed to the edge of the field unit of velits.

We have mirrored the victory of 6:2 for Pyrrus both times.

Romans Tomek’s was really difficult. Order heavy units and they just missed the move. The Rally, when only light troops can be recovered. Everything points to a crisis of command cards.

Thank Tsvetomir Dark Bulgarian for the games.
RiverWanderer replied the topic: #2970 1 week 3 days ago
Game 1
RiverWanderer (Epirote): 6 banners
Mad Doc (Roman): 1 banner

After tentative skirmishing on the flanks, the major blood-letting of this battle played out on the Roman right flank. Aided by two counter-attack cards, Epirote forces went forward to meet and match the attacking Romans. Close combat continued back and forth, dragging fresh forces into the melee. At the crux of the battle, heroic Epirote warriors withstood an onslaught of Roman auxiliaries and heavy infantry unscathed, whilst the auxiliaries retreated much diminished and, worse, the heavies were wiped out. The dice gods had not been kind to the Romans, their flank was broken and the Epirote wing pursued the retreating auxiliaries to claim victory.

File Attachment:

File Name: asculumMDv...me1.vlog

Reviewing the log file shows that, as the Epirote player, I made a couple of errors with "Double Time" which went unnoticed at the time. Apologies to Mad Doc for these mistakes.

Game 2
Mad Doc (Epirote): 1 banner
RiverWanderer (Roman): 6 banners

Through clouds of skirmishing cavalry and light infantry, the Romans steadily advanced across the field. As the Roman left held off a series of Epirote attacks, the right pushed forward hard to win the victory.

File Attachment:

File Name: asculumMDv...me2.vlog
Polonus100 replied the topic: #2968 2 weeks 10 hours ago
Polonus100 (Romans) - Stanislav27 (Epirote) 6-3
Romans waited and Epirote attacked. First on their Right gaining 0-1 lead after destroying L unit. Romans cavalry also suffered 2 hits and conunterattacked only to retreat Epirote MC. On opposite wing Light infantry evade unfortunately before MC with 3 hits. Left wing was in danger, so Romans played Double Time only to cover MC and evade Epirote LC. Luckily with 2 hits. Epirote played Spartacus for 2 L, 1M and 1H. Lone block of LC from Right attack lone block of my MC and was killed in BB (1-1). MC with from Left attack Roman MC to breakthrough and destroy withdrawn L and both suffered one hit. Unfortunately Epirote MC with Leader stayed in place which gave Romans the opportunity to cut retreat path with L units and attack with MC and A with Leader. MC was killed in battle, but Epirote Leader survived and escaped through L (2-1). On the Right only M unit suffered one hit and retreat from Bowmen. Romans counterattacked on their Left but last block of MC was countered by First Strike (2-2) and evade M attack with one loss. And it was last action on this wing. Then roman light forces with cavalry provoked with success Epirotes, First with fortunate Flag on lone LC close to its baseline (3-2). Epirote answered strong with double time. Warriors with Leader attacked A unit weakened in fight with cavalry and destroy it (3-3) but surpisingly didn't attacked lone block of L which could evade. Instead full L unit without this possibility was attacked with no result. BB - one hit. Again Romans can surround and cut enemy off from its baseline. Again with success. Warriors destroyed and at last Leader killed after many efforts (5-3). Epirote answered with Line command and M unit, but with only 1 hit when 2 needed. BB with 2 hits and Roman MC gain last Victory Banner killing M unit (6-3

File Attachment:

File Name: PolonusvsStan1.vlog

Stanislav27 (Romans) - Polonus100 (Epirote) 4-6
First action was aggresive Roman advance on the Right. Epirote have no Left section cards and used Bowmen from center to prevent disastrous retreat of cavalry. Again my opponent gave me possibility to kill L unit without evade possibility with W(Leader)+MC action (0-1). Surprisingly Romans Cavalry charge destroyed 3 Epirote MC block but stopped on Warriors with leader (1-1) Again Romans were cut off and destroyed this time with Leader (1-3), Second kill action of W unit . Meanwhile Bowmen were destroyed after some ranged combats and MC action (2-3) On Epirote Right Cavalry and E advanced, but Romans again responded fierce and lucky LC attacked by M suffered 2 banners (3-3) but L unit (2 blocks after earlier losses) attacking E was destroyed (3-4). Time come for Elephant attack combined with MC. Roman Hastati attacking before was destroyed in 3 consecutive attacks (E+MC+MC - 4 hits in 10 rolls) bonus (3-5). Romans tried to attack H infantry. Gained 2 hits and suffered only banner. Romans after that conentrate in Center and Line of Epirote infantry advanced. Counterattack of Roman A aganst LC gave then another VP (4-5), but Warriors again were victorious after Clash of Shields and overkill (4 for 1 needed) (4-6)

File Attachment:

File Name: polsta2_20...-09.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: PolonusvsStan2.vlog
scipio1zama replied the topic: #2966 2 weeks 19 hours ago
Log file for Game 1 scipio1zama vs Armada01

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2018Mike...-09.vlog
scipio1zama replied the topic: #2965 2 weeks 19 hours ago
Scipio1zama (Epirotes) – 6 banners
Armada01 (Romans) – 4 banners

The Epirotes and the Romans each used a Line Command early on, so the battle lines closed quickly. An Epirote Medium Troops attack with the two MC & the Warrior unit damaged some Roman light units, but the counterattack on the Roman right damaged an Epirote MC and the Warrior and also chased them back toward their own side. Another Epirote Line Command brought the first heavy fighting of the battle, destroying a Roman MI and badly damaging an Epirote HI. A Roman attack in the center kills the Epirote HI and damages another, at the cost of heavy damage to a Roman MI. Then another Epirote attack with Medium Troops costs them a MC after running into a Roman First Strike. Inspired Roman leadership on the left takes out an Epirote MI at the cost of a Roman MC. The mayhem continues as an Epirote attack with 4 units in the center removes two Roman MI and a leader, and heavily damages a Roman HI. The handwriting is now on the wall. We each have a 1-block HI – he takes out mine, I take out his and thus ends the game. The logfile is mistakenly labeled OT2018 rather than OT2019. This game was the first one played April 7), but Tony reported the second game (April 8) before I reported the first game
Armada01 replied the topic: #2964 2 weeks 1 day ago
Game 1
Player 1 (Side): # banners
Player 2 (Side): # banners

Game 2
Player 1 (scipio1zama): 1 banners
Player 2 (Armada01): 6 banners

The battle began with the Romans moving forward and both sides trading range attacks. Romans took out L cav with 1 shot of 2 banners. Both sides moved up with Line Commands and Epirotes destroyed a Roman L Infantry. Battle lines then clashed and although both sides took losses, the Romans lost units while the Epirotes were able to hang on. A Cavalry Charge by the Epirotes eliminated 1 unit on each flank to end the battle.
der_mandarin replied the topic: #2963 2 weeks 1 day ago
Game 1
MichalK (Romans) vs. derMandarin (Epirotes) - 2:6

In a game which saw probably the most useless Light Bowmen that ever existed, I was able to make good progress on my left flank after culling my hand of suboptimal cards. That had me draw two line command cards which I was able to make great use of. A timely first strike card gave the Romans a second banner right before the end of the game.

Game 2
derMandarin (Romans) vs. MichalK (Epirotes) - 2:6
Same result but after a different battle. I tried to be proactive with the Romans and go for some early banners instead of giving Epirote the time properly organize his army. I put one leader on a MC so that he could act as a mobile command unit but that did not really work out. And of course I ran straight into a double time which MichalK used perfectly!

I did score a banner in return but a very steadfast elephant really did take a couple of attacks before I could get rid of it and score my second banner. At that moment, my formation was a mess and my cards weren't great either and I was quickly put out of my misery ;)

Thanks to Michal for being a patient opponent and a really nice person in general. I am still not 100% used to VASSAL but I am already having a lot of fun!

File Attachment:

File Name: CCA_Michal...rin.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: CCA_Michal...me2.vlog
Tomek's Avatar
Tomek replied the topic: #2961 2 weeks 2 days ago
Pulling a 6:0 victory with the Romans in this scenario is astonishing achievement. Congratulations!
taliapharaoh's Avatar
taliapharaoh replied the topic: #2957 2 weeks 2 days ago
taliapharaoh vs. Starlock


taliapharaoh (Roman): 6

Starlock (Epirote): 0

The Roman light units were the heroes of this battle, as they first blunted attacks by the Greek cavalry then heavy infantry, before leading a counterattack that opened holes in the Greek lines that allowed the Roman heavy/medium infantry to surge through. The Greeks were very aggressive, and nearly broke the Roman right, but in the end, the Roman dice and Spartacus card were too much.


taliapharaoh (Epirote): 6

Starlock (Roman): 2

Clearly, whatever Pyrrhus decided to sacrifice to Tyche on the battlefield before this clash was the correct choice. In particular, the elephant corps drew inspiration, because not only did Tyche grant the Greeks two mounted charge cards, but also empowered the elephants as her personal weapon of vengeance on this day. After a well-executed Roman advance on the Epirote lines trapped an LB unit and vaporized a M with no battle back, the Greeks were able to luckily eliminate the Roman leader and just barely reform the infantry into some semblance of order.

It was then that the elephants struck.

In the ensuing chaos of two consecutive MC cards, the oft-maligned pachyderms (in particular, maligned by me because I never use them correctly it seems before today...) were responsible for eliminating 3 Roman MI units. On the other side of the battle, the Greek MC and LC were able to chase down and isolate the Roman MC to gain the 6th banner.
TTK replied the topic: #2956 2 weeks 4 days ago
[/b]from my side

Round 2, game 1

Tomek Dark Bulgarian like Pirrus #6, lost 12 blocks
TTK for Rome #2, lost 28 blocks

I don't know what you have against light troops, but the Roman command decided that day that the epirots must be dealt with by the velites.

4 cards is not enough, and my orders were as on selection: 2 move-fire-move, 3 light troops, darkening the sky with arrows. The Legionnaires had the match close, and was killed by the phalanx.

Seriously, seeing these cards, I decided to play as aggressively my light troops as possible easy. The enemy fell for it and even first lost his cavalry. But then he came to his senses and led the infantry line forward.
I had to play Order Mounted to the two horse groups (one, however, was in the back) to arrange adventure, but attack on elephants wasn't successful, “First Strike” stopped cavalry.

Blue Troops cards and Order 4 unit in the center, the only thing that was per game at the infantry centre, I ordered is so-so. Bad management of hand. He leaned forward, there was no continue, and Pyrrhus was approaching... And legionary only move back.
Then the legionaries stood, and died, almost without reaction.
The activity of my light troops had no effect on the Enemy of Spartacus, from which activated 6 units and Inspirational leadership who completed the rout of the centre.

However, eventually the Roman army was blown away when I lost the first squad velitov. Second velits, undergoing the whole fight on his feet, kept 1 block and even sheltered the lider from beaten triarii.

Seeing that the trump of Rome did not play, the remnants of the army turned into a friendly General rout.
Tomek's Avatar
Tomek replied the topic: #2955 2 weeks 4 days ago
First battle
Tomek (Epirrus) 6
TTK (Rome) 2

Very nice game. There was some friction on the flanks and than a risky cavalry attack cost Rome one of its cavalry. Unfortunately there were no command center cards to recuperate and a series of vicious attacks from the elephants and the phalanx won the day for Pyrrus. He preserved his elite troops while defeating the romans and continued on his march towards Rome.

File Attachment:

File Name: Aucium1.vlog
toganalper's Avatar
toganalper replied the topic: #2951 2 weeks 5 days ago
We do not count blocks for the Open rounds. That is for the MT and finals.
Andygor's Avatar
Andygor replied the topic: #2950 2 weeks 5 days ago
Play 1
Andygor (Rome) 5 (21) - Toganalper (Epirote) 6 (25)

Play 2
Andygor (Epirote) 6 (22) - Toganalper (Rome) 5 (19)
Andygor 43 - Topganalper 44
toganalper's Avatar
toganalper replied the topic: #2949 2 weeks 6 days ago
Game 1:

Andygor (romans)=5

Game 2
Andygor (Epirotes) =6

both games were long and nerve braking. The Epirotes both times pushed the Roman center to the ropes and finished with the slightest of margins. Both games could have resulted as 6:5 for Romans too, but the Epirotes both times won.

Thanks to Andygor for being such a nice opponent. Looking forward to play with him in upcoming tournaments.

File Attachment:

File Name: angortogangame1.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: angortogangame2.vlog
Gonzo replied the topic: #2947 3 weeks 2 hours ago
Game 1 asqwasqw Romans #4 banners
Gonzo (Epirotes) 6 banners
Gonzo replied the topic: #2946 3 weeks 2 hours ago
Game 1 asqwasqw Romans
Epirote leadrs and monted and led cav around both flanks. Epirote missile fire uncannnily accurate early, but Roman MI and HI seemed impervious all game. Epirotes up big with gamble to win and whiffed. Decisive move by Romans cut off Epriote leader and is MC, eventually dkilling both and threatening Greek collpse with several 1 pt Greek units fleeeing . As Roman closed for kill, Epirote Double Time allowed leaderless HI to kill 3 pt Roman HI for win. Could have gone different several times. Interesting bttles with several phases of tedium, then terror, then tedium, then ...

Player 2 (Side): # banners

Short synopsis of game

Attach the game log. This has to be done from the Discussion thread, not directly below (why I don't know)

Game 2

Player 1 (Side): # banners

Player 2 (Side): # banners

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