OT2019 Round 1

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Open Tournament Round 1

Deadline: 31 March 2019

SCENARIO: 607 Mycale (479 BC)

 NOTE: Greek player selects which AUX unit defects. 

Player 1 G1 G2 POINTS Player 2 G1 G2 POINTS
Armada01     1 mk20336     1
BrentS 5 5 3 alecrespi 2 4 0
Carthage 5 5 3 soul1st  2 1 0
Cavie 2 2 0 Gileforn 5 5 3
EZPickins 5 4 2 Andygor 2 5 1
g1ul10 4 5 2 der_mandarin 5 3 1
Gonzo 5 3 1.5 Viridovilas 3 5 1.5
gottoman 5 4 2 Baloo 3 5 1
LeonardoAngelo 2 1 0 taliapharaoh 5 5 3
Mad Doc 0 2 0 Maxiaka111 5 5 3
Mark-McG 2 1 0 TTK 5 5 3
DigitalDick     1 Shiva     1
PCScipio42 2 0 0 january31 5 5 3
Stanislav27 5 5 3 Михаил 1 3 0
toganalper 4 5 1.5 asqwasqw 5 4 1.5
Tomek 5 5 3 Max Bogatov 2 3 0
Polonus100 5 5 3 FoxK 0 2 0
Nemo2333 5 5 3 RiverWanderer 3 2 0
Starlock 3 5 2 scipio1zama 5 1 1

Cumulative total

Player Rnd 1
BrentS 3
Carthage 3
Gileforn 3
january31 3
Maxiaka111 3
Nemo2333 3
Polonus100 3
Stanislav27 3
taliapharaoh 3
Tomek 3
EZPickins 2
g1ul10 2
gottoman 2
Starlock 2
asqwasqw 1.5
Gonzo 1.5
toganalper 1.5
Viridovilas 1.5
Andygor 1
Armada01 1
Baloo 1
der_mandarin 1
DigitalDick 1
mk20336 1
scipio1zama 1
Shiva 1
alecrespi 0
Cavie 0
FoxK 0
LeonardoAngelo 0
Mad Doc 0
Mark-McG 0
Max Bogatov 0
PCScipio42 0
RiverWanderer 0
soul1st  0
Михаил 0


Please record results in the discussion below in the form;

Game 1

Player 1 (Side): # banners

Player 2 (Side): # banners

Short synopsis of game

Attach the game log. This has to be done from the Discussion thread, not directly below (why I don't know)

Game 2

Player 1 (Side): # banners

Player 2 (Side): # banners

Short synopsis of game

Attach the game log. This has to be done from the Discussion thread, not directly below (why I don't know)

Contact me with any problems, and please setup your 2 matches early. Leaving it to the deadline invites disaster at the hands of the VASSAL server, and there will be no extensions!



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Polonus100 replied the topic: #2940 1 year 5 months ago
Sorry for delay. Done
Polonus100 replied the topic: #2939 1 year 5 months ago
First Game
Greek (FoxK) - Persians (Polonus100) - 2-5

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2019R1FoPo.vlog

Second game
Greek (Polonus100) - Persians (FoxK) 5-0

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2019R1PoFo.vlog
asqwasqw replied the topic: #2937 1 year 5 months ago
Logfiles Attached below for the game.
asqwasqw replied the topic: #2936 1 year 5 months ago
Game 1
Asqwasqw (Greeks): 5 banner
Toganalper (Persians): 4 banners

Game 1:
The game started with the Greeks reformed their lines while arrows rained down among them. Persian archery failed to find it’s mark, but their valor in close combat was evident. When the Greeks advanced quickly with a double time command, they managed to push the Greeks back, killing a hopolite and Xanthippus. Perilaus advanced forward to support the troops and managed to push a wedge into the Persian lines. He too however, fell in battle, and the rest of the Athens retreated across the river to safety. It was then that the Spartans arrived, pushing the Persians out of the hills. Leotychides charged downhill with his Spartans, routing the tired Persians and giving the Greeks the victory in a close fought battle.

Game 2
Toganalper (Greeks): 5 banners
asqwasqw (Persians): 4 banners

The game began with the Greeks pushing forward on the left and the right flank. Mardontes advanced quickly to block off the Spartan approach. Some light arrow fire and a contested river crossing dissuaded the Spartans from advancing, leaving the Athenians to try to win the fight by themselves. The Greeks were well coordinated in their advance, and soon had a full line of Hoplites on the river. The Persians stood firm at the river crossing and managed to deal some heavy damage, but their left flank started to crumble. Seeing this, Artayntes rushed forward and closed the gap, killing the the Greeks before they could push through. He started to attack down the line, killing the Greeks as he went, but failed to finish off a group of Athenian Hoplites. That gave the Greeks the momentum they needed to push through, and with heavily wounded troops managed to take down Tigranes in a surprise attack. Another close game.

First tie of the tournament! Thanks for Toganalper for showing the the ropes of Vassal.
FoxK replied the topic: #2935 1 year 5 months ago
FoxK - Polonus100 0 - 2

1 Game

Greeks 2 ( block - 21) - Persians 5 (block - 26)

2 Game

Persians 0 (block - 5) - Greek 5 (block - 20)
Viridovilas's Avatar
Viridovilas replied the topic: #2934 1 year 6 months ago
Game 2

Gonzo (Greek) 3 banners
Viridovilas (Persian) 5 banners

The battle was similar to the first one: the Persian sitting on the other bank of the river waiting for the Greek army approaching and throwing them a cloud of arrows and spears. Once again Greek hoplites struggle to cross the Gaison. When they finally managed to do it they had one chance to close the battle: dice went on the wrong direction and then the Persian closed on the weakest enemy units finishing them end pushing the remaining attacking forces off the map.

Thanks to Joe for the nice battle. The final result is probably the perfect mirror of an extremely even match!

The first game results were reported earlier by Gonzo (Joe). Here below the final score and attached both my log files

Game 1

Gonzo (Persian) 5 banners
Viridovilas (Greek) 3 banners
Mark-McG's Avatar
Mark-McG replied the topic: #2933 1 year 6 months ago
Polonus.. need your game scores!
Tomek's Avatar
Tomek replied the topic: #2932 1 year 6 months ago
Game 1
Tomek (Persia) 5
Max_Bogatov (Greece) 2

That was long battle with a lot of missile exchange and outmaneuvering until in a desperate defensing effort (Clash of Shields) Mardonius managed to annihilate the entire Spartan mora. The Athenians had been significantly depleted by then and got bogged down in the shallow river.

Game 2
Tomek (Greece) 5
Max_Bogatov (Persia) 3

The Greeks won finally at a terrible price. The well played defense by my opponent all along the creek made the crossing a torment. When finally I managed to establish a beachhead I literally had no army to push further. Luckily we don't count the losses.
gottoman's Avatar
gottoman replied the topic: #2931 1 year 6 months ago
Game 1
Greg O (Persian) 5
Baloo (Greek) 3

The Greeks pushed first on the right and then in the center, with battlelines forming in the river against the Persians on the opposite bank. Persians killed a MH, but took some serious losses and several 2 block light units fell back and the Greeks surged across the river and the Persians counter attacked with their Mediums and secured a victory in the end with a bow on the right flank.

Greg O (Greek) 4
Baloo (Persian) 5

The Persian's first play was a Darken the Sky with 6 units causing 6 hits against the MH in the center and pushed back the MH5 on the left, not a good start for the Greeks, who bravely moved forward into the river and lost two units and a leader before finally gaining some traction on the left and the center, gaining 4 banners before the Persians ended the battle.
Mark-McG's Avatar
Mark-McG replied the topic: #2930 1 year 6 months ago
Hi ID on this Forum is DigitalDick, and if you click on the ID on the schedule, you should go to the user Profile, from which you can send a PM.

Dunno if the ID can be modified, but the idea is to link the game schedule to the User ID. It would be confusing (and for me a bit of work) to modify the Game schedule to a different User ID to the one it links to.

so unless the User ID is edited to become Digital Duck, he will remain DigitalDick.

Also, to be clear, the revised schedule of matches stays in force, which means Tony plays Michal and Shiva plays DigitalDick

get those matches played by this weekend please. Deadline will be firmly applied .
g1ul10's Avatar
g1ul10 replied the topic: #2929 1 year 6 months ago

LeonardoAngelo wrote: Don't lose Digital Duck
He found and in touch with Mark, So I suggest the enemy to play with him. Armada, right?

And while you are at it Mark, can you please correct his nickname in the roster? :-)
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Starlock replied the topic: #2928 1 year 6 months ago
Well, darn. I had a nice long write up and then lost it when I tried to post it.

So I'll just keep this one short and sweet.

Game 2
Starlock (Persian) 5 banners
Scipio1zama (Greek) 1 banner

The Greeks attacked left, but couldn't push through the retreating Persians. On the right, the Greeks got stuck in the Gaison River and fell to the Persian longbowman. It was a well-fought battle, but the Persians kept rolling incredibly well while the Greeks just couldn't seem to get themselves across the river in time to utilize their infantry effectively.

Thanks are in order to Scipio1zama for being such a great sport! I had a blast playing with him.

File Attachment:

File Name: mikevsben_...-26.vlog
LeonardoAngelo's Avatar
LeonardoAngelo replied the topic: #2927 1 year 6 months ago
Don't lose Digital Duck
He found and in touch with Mark, So I suggest the enemy to play with him. Armada, right?
Mad Doc's Avatar
Mad Doc replied the topic: #2926 1 year 6 months ago
Round 1. Mad Doc (Persian) 0 Maxiaka111 (Spartan) 5.
Round 2. Mad Doc (Spartan): 2 Maxiaka111 (Persian): 5.
Polonus100 replied the topic: #2925 1 year 6 months ago
Games played. Report on the way.
Gonzo's Avatar
Gonzo replied the topic: #2924 1 year 6 months ago
Game 1
Gonzo (Persian) 5 banners
Vindovilas (Greek) 3 banners

Persian missiles ineffective as Greek center/right moved into river. Persian light took steady losses holding them in water. Spartans finally started moving into battle. Greek hoplites caused killed 3 Aux defending river while Persians had lucky leader hit. As Greeks up 3-2 and Spartans prepare for the coup de gras, Persian attack with remains of 3 MI with leaders able to go into river and kill 3 damaged Greek inf units for the unexpected win. Thanks to Max for exciting game. Game 2 to be played this week.
january31 replied the topic: #2923 1 year 6 months ago
Game 1
january31 (Persian): 5
PCScipio42 (Greek): 2

My Persian friends were well defended: they shot well and did not allow the Greek hoplites to develop an attack.

Game 2
january31 (Greek): 5
PCScipio42 (Persian): 0
My Greek friends attacked well and quickly. They managed to quickly cross the river and beat the Persians.

Unfortunately during the game there were several digital bugs and the logs did not saved, only saves.
TTK's Avatar
TTK replied the topic: #2922 1 year 6 months ago
Game 2

TTK (Greek) #5 & lost 19 blocks
Mark McG (Persian) #1 lost 23 blocks

It was a day of Greek culture and sport. Named is Perilaius's Day.

I was in no hurry, waiting for orders, they came well (Line Command, a Doubble Time, the Order of the Mounted and Mounted Charge - all this I managed to play.

The Perilaus connected with the Spartans, then attack with +1 dice on hills was successful. The first wave of Spartans suffered losses, but hoplites Perilaus climbed the hills and destroyed 2 units. After a Doubble Time on and behind the hills to the left of the Persians, king Tigran fled. Now the troops were rebuilt to change the direction of the strike - center.

At 4:0 the Spartans attacked the center, but was followed by a counterattack Mardonius. But Perilaus and his hoplites avenged.

I was lucky with orders. I took my time. I was lucky with the dices.

All 5 persian banners took the uber-unit greek's hoplites with Perilaus, to the end of the battle it left 2 blocks. Of my 19 losses, 9 were Spartans.

I thank Mark for his role as an opponent in these games.
Carthage's Avatar
Carthage replied the topic: #2921 1 year 6 months ago
Game 1

soul1st (Persians): 2 banners

Carthage (Greeks): 5 banners

File Attachment:

File Name: MycaleGame1.vlog

Game 2

Carthage (Persians): 5 banners

soul1st (Greeks): 1 banners

File Attachment:

File Name: MycaleGame2.vlog
taliapharaoh's Avatar
taliapharaoh replied the topic: #2918 1 year 6 months ago
Game 1

LeonardoAngelo (Persians): 2 banners

taliapharaoh (Greeks): 5 banners

The Persian gods failed a great general on this day, as Leonardo had a great plan, and was a step ahead all game long, before being let down by a series of disastrous dice rolls that sealed the victory for the Greeks. Kept off-balance by the ranged attacks throughout, even losing an Athenian hoplite to consecutive double symbol hits, the ragged Greek assault grew desperate. The outnumbered Spartans forced a crossing of the river, and scaled the heights to gain a foothold. As the Greeks were prepared to send the remnants of their tattered forces all the way across the map to somehow join together in hopes of a miracle, a slim opportunity appeared in the center and the Greeks were able to utilize a Mounted Charge to force the pinned front ranks of the massed Persians to fight. Mardontes was killed, and the Greeks withstood the ensuing counterattack to finish the game. Miraculous come from behind victory.

Game 2

LeonardoAngelo (Greeks): 1 banners

taliapharaoh (Persians): 5 banners

The dice again betrayed Leonardo as he put together an excellent plan only to be stymied by poor rolls. His hoplites threatened the center, right, and left at various times in the game, but could not get the needed rolls to press an advantage, and the Persians were only just able to keep pushing the Greeks back into the river hexes where their superior hoplite units could not bring the full weight of their assault to bear. Finally, a Line Command was the last straw, as not only were Persian dice superior, but Persian cards were plentiful and timely. Xanthippes was last seen alive in hand-to-hand combat with Tigranes, and his fall became the final banner needed for victory.
der_mandarin's Avatar
der_mandarin replied the topic: #2917 1 year 6 months ago
I can understand both sides to some extent. Having played in online chess tournaments in the past, I know how hard scheduling can be as participants from all over the world competed in those events. Even worse, we only had 1 week in order to schedule as well as conduct our games.

In the end, you can only try and be flexible and probably try and reserve a Saturday or Sunday for a C&C match as weekends probably give the best chance to find a suitable time for both sides regardless of their individual timezones. However, I can also understand that playing at odd hours isn't fun at times since this is a tournament and everyone wants to give his or her best.

So kudos and thanks to everyone who tries to be flexible accommodating!
LeonardoAngelo's Avatar
LeonardoAngelo replied the topic: #2916 1 year 6 months ago
Mark, you are absolutely right when you make a pair of "novice veteran", I think most Russian - speaking players came to the tournament for the sake of experience with players from around the World.
The fact is that we held a special tournament for Russian-speaking players on a different platform. And the players in our time zones got to know each other. Therefore to reduce them again in this tournament only on time a sign - can be and it isn't necessary. I understand that as an organizer you have a difficult job, and I support any decision you make.
My suggestion to arrange the matches Australia-Siberia - was not a criticism.
The main thing is the principle of sport, I think it all support.
Mark-McG's Avatar
Mark-McG replied the topic: #2913 1 year 6 months ago
I should probably explain that the Round 1 draw was done by pairing one of the 14 players that are new to tournaments with players who have played several tournaments. This was to both guide the new players, and to ensure the tournament procedures went through smoothly from the first instance. I confess I didn't really look at time zones.

Being in Sydney, most of my games have timezone factors, and 10-18 hour time differences are pretty routine. Scheduling can be hard,, but even close/same time-zones have that problem. Busy lives.

So whilst I'll try and be more timezone compatible in future rounds, the pairing from Round 2 on are done by cumulative score, with opponent strength as the tie breaker. That kind of sets up pairings without regard to other factors.
LeonardoAngelo's Avatar
LeonardoAngelo replied the topic: #2912 1 year 6 months ago
I join Mark's request.
If you can not for some reason to contact the Russian-speaking players, you can try to write to me.
I have all their contacts, and I will try to connect you quickly.

PS By the organizers.
Guys, can on the future makes sense players from Australia bring with players from Siberia? They have almost the same time zone.
We just have one pair Canada-Ural mountains.
and to win back one need to play at night. I wonder how the guys still played.
I understand that when there will be a playoff this will not be avoided. But it may be at the stage of selection can be rarebit couples considering their time zones.
Once again, I apologize for this offer.
With best wishes to all.
mk20336's Avatar
mk20336 replied the topic: #2911 1 year 6 months ago

I still did not managed to schedule my game with Shiva.
Sending him another couple of possible time slots now, but please work on "re-arrangement".

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