OT2017 Round 3

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Round 3              
Scenario: AC22 Ilorca (211 BC)         
Player 1 Game 1 Game 2 POINTS Player 2 Game 1 Game 2 POINTS
Mark McG 3 1 Stonewall 4 6 2
Armada01 6 2 Carthage 6 1 1
Gonzo     1 toganalper     1
Tomek 6 6 stormwalker 4 5 0
BrentS 6 6 gottoman 5 2 0
KenW 3 2 0 Mantra 6 6 3
scipio1zama 3 0 craniumgroup 6
mk20336 6 1 g1ul10 6 5 2
PCScipio42 6 2 1 christhibault 3 6 2
EZPickins 4 4 0 Cavie 6 6 3
plainscape 6 6 3 gcallari 1 4 0
Kirk (Paul)     3 BYE      
      Deadline 31/05/2017      

Deadline has passed.. unplayed matches get 1 point each



Player Rnd 1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Strength
Armada01 3 6 8 13
Stonewall 3 6 8 12.5
Mark McG 3 6 7 17
Tomek 1 4 7 11
BrentS 1 4 7 9
Carthage 2 5 6 18
Gonzo 2 5 6 12
craniumgroup 2 3 6 12
Mantra 0 3 6 10
toganalper 2 4 5 16
stormwalker 1 4 4 16
plainscape 0 1 4 13
Cavie 1 1 4 11.5
g1ul10 2 2 4 10
Kirk (Paul) 0 1 4 7
KenW 3 3 3 17
mk20336 2 2 3 17
gottoman 3 3 3 16.5
christhibault 1 1 3 15.5
scipio1zama 3 3 3 14
PCScipio42 0 1.5 2.5 12.5
EZPickins 0 1.5 1.5 9.5
gcallari 1 1 1 15

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christhibault replied the topic: #2061 4 years 2 weeks ago
Round 3 - Ilorca

Game 1: PCScipio42 (Roman) 6 - christhibault (Carthage) 3
Game 2: christhibault (Roman) 6 - PCScipio42 (Carthage) 2

The first match, the Romans formed a nice line south of the central hills and with some great rolls eliminated the Carthage Warriors early on. The counter attack by Rome with a double time decimated the Carthage left flank heavies. Carthage attempted to rally, but the damage was done and Rome mopped up.

The second match, Rome formed a heavy left line and after some initial Auxilia losses, managed to drive Carthage back. Carthage then advanced on the Roman Right flank and once the Roman heavy infantry destroyed the Carthage heavy under Hasdrubal, it was downhill from there. A Roman Darken the Sky managed to eliminate a number of units and weaken others to the point where Rome again mopped up with it's heavy infantry.

My opponent was great and we both enjoyed the matches.
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Cavie replied the topic: #2060 4 years 2 weeks ago
Round 3 - Ilorca

Game 1: EZPickins (Roman) 4 - Cavie (Carthaginian) 6
Game 2: EZPickins (Carthaginian) 4 - Cavie (Roman) 6

Both games were very close and came down to really to luck of the roll. Both armies were well played in both games. The 2nd game from about mid game on was very tense and went back and forth until a lucky 2d roll from a Roman slinger on Hasbrudal Barca knocked of 2 units that were just rallied to full strength and then killed Barca.

From there the Carthaginians pushed forward but were met with First Strike and good battle backs to end the battle for them.

Fun scenario and great playing it with John.
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g1ul10 replied the topic: #2059 4 years 2 weeks ago
Game 1:

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2017R3-M...me1.vlog

g1ul10 (Carthaginian): 6
mk20336 (Roman) : 4

Both Carthaginians and Romans want to control the central hill. The Roman strategy is good but their Clash of Shields fail and the subsequent Carthaginian Line Command inflicts two further losses for a 3-0 against the Romans. Next round I'm Spartacus played by Carthage brings the score 4-0 against Romans which also have two infantry units with a single block remaining. This is were the tide change: counter-attacking the I'm Spartacus, Carthaginians eliminate three Roman unit (thanks to a failed leader check). Next round the single block Roman medium inf eliminates a further auxilia before the heavy Carthaginian infantry closes the game mopping some damaged units up.

Game 2:

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2017R3-M...me2.vlog

mk20336 (Carthaginian) : 6
g1ul10 (Roman): 5

Romans prepare a line below the central hills waiting for Carthage to attack and Carthage promptly does it in its left flank, where the Romans do in fact have a slight superiority (more medium inf). But this time Romans line command doesn't work as expected, with a Roman heavy inf that fails to score a single hit on a five dice roll and get eliminated by the battle back. I dare to say that if the result were reversed this would have been a rather easy victory for the Roman. But this was not the case. Severely battered after their own attack and next round counter-attack, Romans tried to maintain some cohesion and with I'm Spartacus brought the score to a not-too-bad 4-3 for the Carthaginians. Subsequent firefight moved the score to 5-5 and the game to a very tactical end, in which both parties tried to cover their weak units and exploit local superiority. The Romans were however progressively loosing troops to Carthaginian archery fire so they decided for a final, dramatic attack to the central hill, that failed. The following charge of the Carthaginian cavalry ended the game.

At the end both games were rather balanced and playing with Michal is always challenging.
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mk20336 replied the topic: #2058 4 years 3 weeks ago

edit the post and attach the files.
Also, can I urge all players with matches outstanding to play them this weekend. Deadline is 31 May.

Yes, that is the plan!
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Mark-McG replied the topic: #2057 4 years 3 weeks ago
edit the post and attach the files.

Also, can I urge all players with matches outstanding to play them this weekend. Deadline is 31 May.
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Tomek replied the topic: #2056 4 years 3 weeks ago
1 Game: Tomek (Carthage) 6 - stormwalker (Rome) 4

There were a lot of projectiles in the air and relatively few casualties. Outnumbered and exhausted, the Carthagians gave up finally after a long and valiant fight.

2 Game: Tomek (Rome) 6 - stormwalker (Carthage) 5

That was again a long and hectic fight. Both generals were not as keen to use the terrain as probably they should have been. Although Scipio led his army according to plan - (enforcing the centre and striking through the left valley on the weaker Carthagian plan) the strike was ill timed and the advantage soon lost. After losing a lot of troops he finally managed to win but it was a Pirus victory.

I could attach the files if I knew how. All in all quite wicked scenario to fought.
Armada01 replied the topic: #2055 4 years 3 weeks ago
1st Game Report (Armada01(Tony-Rome/Carthage-Carthage)
Armada01 (Roman): 4 (28 Blocks lost)
Carthage(Carthage): 6 (19 Blocks lost)

The Carthaginians were able to take the center hills without difficulty and continued their advance on the Romans. The Romans were able to fight back onto the hills with Hasdrubal taken out of the game but were too used up to finish with a victory.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2017Roun...me1.vlog

2nd Game Report (Armada01(Tony-Carthage/Carthage-Rome)
Armada01 (Carthage): 6 (11 Blocks lost)
Carthage(Rome): 1 (27 Blocks lost)

The Romans relinquished the hills in the center separating their lines. Carthaginians with amazing range rolls killed 2 light units. Spartacus and Double Time cards allowed the Carthaginians to decimate the Roman Right and Center.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2017Roun...me1.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2017Roun...me2.vlog
craniumgroup replied the topic: #2054 4 years 3 weeks ago
Second Game Report (craniumgroup/scipio1zama)
craniumgroup (Roman): 6 (30 Blocks lost)
scipio1zama (Cathage): 5 (25 Blocks lost)

The Romans squeezed the center and right medium and heavy infantry units into a single line and charged the Carthage left flank. It was bloody and brutal but the Romans came out of it with the lead. Brilliant skirmishing play by Carthage evened up the score, but the Romans were able to collect a couple more victory banners for the win. A fantastic game that was very close in the end.

File Attachment:

File Name: OTRound3Game2.vlog
Stonewall replied the topic: #2053 4 years 3 weeks ago

File Attachment:

File Name: IllorcaGam...om3.vsav
Stonewall replied the topic: #2052 4 years 3 weeks ago
Illorca Game 2 - Joe Carthage 6 - Mark Romans 3

The left side of the board was minimally engaged in the battle.

The Carthaginians surged forward in the center and took the hills. Roman missile fire was doing more damage than Carthaginian, completely destroying a full-strength Carthaginian Auxilia with a Darken the Sky card. The Romans Double Timed onto the hills in the center and destroyed a second Auxilia, and threatened to take the hills. Score 2-0 Roman favor. But Carthage played a Counter Attack for a Double Time and battled back with a warrior, an auxilia and a light, and destroyed the Roman Heavy infantry and killed Gnaeus Scipio--a real blow for the Romans. Game tied at 2. The Romans played a Counter Attack for a another Double Time and trapped the Carthaginian 1-block Warrior and Gisco, but the dice totally failed them and Gisco battled back and destroyed the Medium, then next turn finished off the other Medium and reclaimed the hills. Score 4-2 Carthaginian favor.

Rome was down to 3 lights in the center and battling the Carthaginian Heavies (from the Carthaginian left flank) that were moving forward along the hills in the center and hitting them. Rome played another Double Time Card (technically 4 during the game, though only 2 of them really moved units 2 hexes), and brought the Roman right flank over for an attack on the Carthaginian line of Heavy and Medium infantry along the center hills, but the attack only damaged and did not destroy. The Carthaginian played a Leader Plus 3 card and shifted the line. The Carthaginian 1-strength Medium attacked to weaken a unit and was destroyed. Score 4-3 Carthaginian favor. Then the Carthaginian Heavies eliminated the Roman Heavy and Medium for the win, 6-3.

This was actually a very close game all the way through, with key battles turning on dice rolls and a leader loss. At the end of the game the Carthaginians had three 1-strength units and three 2-strength units on the board.

craniumgroup replied the topic: #2051 4 years 3 weeks ago
First Game Report (craniumgroup/scipio1zama)
craniumgroup (Cathage): 6 (27 Blocks lost)
scipio1zama (Roman): 3 (31 Blocks lost)

A rough and tumble first game. Carthage held the center early and repulsed an early push. Carthage Warriors were largely ineffective on the right causing a mid-game retreat for Carthage, but a strong push into the Left with the Heavy Infantry seized the hills and collapsed the Roman right after a very bloody engagement. A lot of action with light units as both sides struggled to get the needed cards to engage effectively. A well fought battle.

File Attachment:

File Name: OTRound3Game1.vlog
Mantra replied the topic: #2048 4 years 1 month ago
Round 3 - Game 2: Ilorca

Carthage (KenW) 2 Banners
Rome (Mantra): 6 Banners

Much like the first match the battle kicked off in the central heights. Carthage, card after card, pushed into the central heights making a massive line. Carthage tried a lot of range fire across the board, softening up Carthage's lines. Rome's skirmishers were soundly pushed off the central heights by Carthage's savage warriors.

Rome doubled timed up the heights with their 2 Med. Inf. and Hvy. , knowingly holding both the First Strike and Clash of Shields card. In the ensuing rounds Rome was able to gain 4 banners to Carthage's 2. Carthage, with the contest lost, surrendered and withdrew from the field with honors.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT17Ilorcagame2.vlog
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plainscape replied the topic: #2047 4 years 1 month ago
Round 3 - Ilorca

Game 1: plainscape (Roman) 6 banners, 14 blocks. - gcallari (Carthaginian) 1 banners, 19 blocks
Game 2: plainscape (Carthaginian) 6 banners, 32 blocks - gallari (Roman) 4 banners, 34 blocks

Game 1
Romans got really lucky. After some initial losses, they were able to draw the enemy into their center and over extended. With some well placed line commands, they were able to wear the enemy down.

Game 2
Very bloody engagements that shifted from section to section. The Romans right flank was repelled with minimal losses to the Carthaginians. Then as the slow moving Romans center moved forward, the Carthaginians managed to surround the leader and then later take out some stragglers for the win.
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Mark-McG replied the topic: #2046 4 years 1 month ago
Round 3 - Game 1: Ilorca
Stonewall (Roman): 4 Banners
Mark McG (Carthage): 6 Banners

a rough and tumble game. Carthage was slowly pressing back the Romans with a barrage of missile fire, and all looked in control until the Romans conducted a Double Time charge with the Heavy Infantry. The Carthaginian Heavy Infantry withstood the first blow, and fought back well, but fell to the 2nd attack. The Leader led infantry advanced and battled again, exchanging blows with Hasdrubal Barca. The Carthaginians were caught short here, no Left cards, but a move Mediums gave some response. The Medium Infantry attacked and brought 1 Heavy to 1 block, and the Warriors under Hasdrubal Gisco charged and took them out, followed up, but failed utterly.

Stonewall then played the next Double Time, and pretty much cleaned away my Left flank, though one spot of joy was the Carthaginian Heavy Infantry went down fighting, taking a Roman Medium infantry with them.

This left Carthage with 1 Warrior and a bunch of Light Troops, but again missile fire rescued Carthage, finishing off the 2nd Roman Heavy.
Action then switch the the Carthaginian Right with the Warrior and assorted units cutting off a Auxilliary and the Warrior did the deed this time and finished him off, snatching victory from what was starting to look like a rout.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2017R3G1.vlog
Mantra replied the topic: #2045 4 years 1 month ago
Round 3 - Game 1: Ilorca

Roma: KenW 3 Banners (32 blocks lost)
Carthage: 6 Banners (20 Blocks lost)

The battle kicked off in the central heights. Both side pushed into the hills. Carthage gained the upper hand in the exchanges with a well play first strike card and were also able to cut off Roma's retreat. In the end Rome was able to nail a few units and push Carthage off the central hills, but at a high price.

The game then turned to both flanks with lots of ranged fire slowly wearing each others flank out a block or two. Rome pushed hard their left forcing Carthage to reform there lines. Similarly, Carthage was doing the same on their left and were able eliminate Rome's heavy Inf., which forced them to turtle back on their rough and hill spaces. Finally, Carthage was able to bring their last warrior unit to the fray and create havoc on Rome's left for the final block and win.

The game was well fought by Ken, but it seemed no matter what he came up with, I always had the cards to counter his movements. The second game will be played next week. I am looking forward to it.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT17A22Ilorca.vlog
BrentS replied the topic: #2044 4 years 1 month ago
Round 3 - Ilorca

Game 1: BrentS (Roman) 6 - gottoman (Carthaginian) 5
Game 2: BrentS (Carthaginian) 6 - gottoman (Roman) 2

Game 1
This was a great game and could have gone either way until the very end. A shame I had a dropout and corrupted file (maybe Greg has a complete file?....edit: supplied by Greg and attached). The central hills were contested early and Carthage won out as Greg fully rallied his depleted Heavy Infantry. I was forced off, losing a unit and a leader to a 1 die leader check. 2-0 down, facing enemies on the hills above, cavalry flanking and pinning my lights and things looked grim for me.....but I was able to get the leader in from my right flank, Double Time around his cavalry and force a successful leader escape kill. At 5 banners apiece and with lots of 1 and 2 block units around, it was going to be a coin toss, and I was just lucky it fell to me. My unsupported light infantry close combated a Heavy in Broken Terrain, taking his last block with a red. Thrilling, tight game.

Game 2
This was a disappointment and Greg was hard done by here. A glitch forced me to resynch, then a turn down the track we realised that most of my left flank had been inadvertently deleted. We backed up to correct it and Greg had to redraw, apparently losing a Double Time for something less auspicious (he did get to use a Double Time later but at a less critical stage of the battle). Carthage again won the central hills but lost a leader to a 2 dice leader check. A First Strike foiled Greg's Clash of Shields, and that was probably the turning point of the battle. I was able to get another leader into the centre and attach him to a Warrior, eliminating all the Roman main line units there and forcing Greg's leader to retreat off the field. He wasn't able to get his leader from the right flank into the fray and the Warrior and cavalry mopped up the stranded lights pinned to the baseline on the Roman left.

Enjoyable couple of games (particularly the first). A nice scenario. Good job, Alessandro.

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g1ul10 replied the topic: #2042 4 years 1 month ago
Updated file with the tournament scenario compatible with module version 3.3. I strongly recommend to use the latest version of the module for the improved management of attacker/target tokens.

File Attachment:

File Name: AC22-Ilorca.vsav

P.S.: Or you can download from the Vassal page the module with all scenarios designed by Alessandro and update the scenario yourself using the "Refresh Counters" command in the Tools menu.

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