This is the complete list of all Scenario by Alessandro Crespi.

CODENAME: all maps by me will be named ACxx, where xx represents the progressive number.

AC01 Olpae (426 BC) 
AC02 Amphipolis (422 BC) 
AC03 Haliartus (395 BC) 
AC04 Lechaeum (391 BC) 
AC05 Mount Vesuvius (340 BC) 
AC06 Trifanum (339 BC) 
AC07 Mount Gaurus (342 BC) 
AC08 Capture of Neapolis (339 BC) 
AC09 Caudine Forks (321 BC) 
AC10 Lautulae (315 BC) 
AC11 Bovianum (305 BC) 
AC12 Camerinum (298 BC) 
AC13 Sentinum (295 BC) 
AC14 Aquilonia (293 BC) 
AC15 Siege of Lamia (322 BC) 
AC16 Callicinus (171 BC) 
AC17 Siege of Cirta (112 BC) 
AC18 Suthul (110 BC) 
AC19 Muthul (108 BC) 
AC20 Siege of Thala (108 BC) 
AC21 Noreia (112 BC) 
AC22 Ilorca (211 BC) 
AC23 Grumentum (207 BC) 
AC24 Crotona (204 BC) 
AC25 Aous (198 BC) 
AC26 Gythium (195 BC) 
AC27 Weser River (16 AD) 
AC28 Scodra (168 BC) 
AC29 Adige Valley (102 BC) 
AC30 Mount Scorobas (88 BC) 
AC31 Piraeus (87 BC) 
AC32 Mount Tifata (83 BC) 
AC33 River Amnias (88 BC) 
AC34 Siege of Cyzicus (74 BC) 
AC35 Cabira (72 BC) 
AC36 Artaxata (68 BC) 
AC37 Lycus River (66 BC) 
AC38 Pistoria (62 BC) 
AC39 Arar River (58 BC) 
AC40 Siege of Aduatuca (53 BC) 

Enjoy playing these maps!

All ACxx scenarios are already included inside new Vassal module V4 (no need to add Vassal extension files).