Brent Steeves

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This is the complete list of all Scenario by Brent Steeves.

CODENAME: all maps by Brent will be named BSxx, where xx represents his progressive number.

BS01 Alesia I (52 BC) 
BS02 Alesia II (52 BC) 
BS03 Alesia III (52 BC) 
BS04 Alesia IV (52 BC) 
BS05 Alesia V (52 BC) 
BS06 Megiddo (1457 BC) 
BS07 Epic Megiddo (1457 BC) 
BS08 Mount Uaush (714 BC) 
BS09 Siege of Lachish (701 BC) 
BS10 Til-Tuba (652 BC) 

Thank you Brent for these great maps!

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Designer Brent Steeves

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