Joe Bisio

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This is the complete list of all Scenario by Joe Bisio.

CODENAME: all maps by Joe will be named JBxx, where xx represents the progressive number.

JB01 Tribola (147 BC) 
JB02 Albintimilium 1st (69 AD) 
JB03 Albintimilium 2nd (69 AD) 
JB04 Amnias River (88 BC) 
JB05 Deluxe Teutoburger Wald (9AD) 
JB06 Grumentum (207 BC) 
JB07 Grumentum (215 BC) 
JB08 Herdonia 1st (212 BC) 
JB09 Herdonia 2nd (210 BC) 
JB10 Idivisto (16 AD) 
JB11 Olimpic Games (364 BC) 
JB12 Longanus (265BC) 
JB13 Messana I (264BC) 
JB14 Messana II (264BC) 
JB15 Pydna (168BC) 
JB16 Trimos River 
JB17 Lesnikia (48 BC) 
JB18 Nile (47 BC) 
JB19 Muthul (109 BC) 
JB20 Albania (65 BC) 
JB21 Philippi (42 BC) 

Enjoy playing these great maps from Joe!


Usually maps by Joe Bisio needs heavy modifications on standard C&C:Ancients game.

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Designer Joe Bisio

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