Greg Blanchett

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This is the complete list of all Scenario by Greg Blanchett.

CODENAME: all maps by Greg will be named GBxx, where xx represents his progressive number.

GB01 Cabala (377 BC) 
GB02 Tunis (307 BC) 
GB03 Bagradas Plains (255 BC) 
GB04 Cirta (203 BC) 
GB05 Caralis (215 BC) 
GB06 Third Nola (214 BC) 
GB07 Acrillae (213 BC) 
GB08 Numistro (210 BC) 
GB09 Lilybaeum (276 BC) 
GB10 Erigon Valley (358 BC) 
GB11 Elis (208 BC) 
GB12 Lamia (208 BC) 
GB13 Clastidium (222 BC) 
GB14 Cunaxa (401 BC) 
GB15 Po River (203 BC) 

Thank you Greg for these great maps!

UserMaps GBxx - CLICK HERE to download Vassal module extension and play them online.

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Designer Greg Blanchett

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